Scents of well-being

There’s nothing like scent to create a mood or uplift downcast spirits, says Elsa Krüger, and in winter you can easily enhance your home’s cosiness with fragrances from diffusers, candles or essential oils.

Old Mutual Wealth: Time does tell

Meticulous planning and a good grasp of prevailing circumstances, coupled with experience, knowledge, diligence and patience, are just some of the elements that eventually culminate in an award-winning wine. As Marana Brand discovers, the same goes for investments.

Experience the great outdoors on a gravel bike

There is no better way to experience the great outdoors than across the bars of a gravel bike. Wide-sky vistas, meandering back roads, lungs full of fresh air and ever-changing landscapes. Join Jacques Marais as he investigates the allure of bike touring.

Newton Johnson: Pioneers of Pinot Noir

The Newton Johnson family makes Pinot Noir (among other things) in the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Daléne Fourie of port2port.wine recounts their tale as told by younger son Gordon.

The Eikestad’s Dustbuster: Meet Giniel de Villiers

While Giniel de Villiers is quite happy charging through the remote deserts of Saudi Arabia, it’s the leafy streets of Stellenbosch that he calls home. Richard Holmes finds out what makes this off-road racing champion tick.