Design trends to look out for in 2022 with LG

With the rise of remote work, now is as good a time as any to put some thought and attention into making your home as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible, says electronics brand LG.

Trendy home, trendy pet

When husband-and-wife team Yolandi and Barend Botha decided to renovate their apartment, the couple’s beloved cat Coco’s living space proved somewhat problematic…

LG: Must-watch entertainment this festive season

It’s that time of the year again where we can put up the Christmas lights and spend some quality time with the family. And what better way to bring your loved ones together this holiday than watching some upcoming releases and ultimate classics?

The fascinating world of new technology

Electric cars, flexi-architecture and veggie gardens in empty high rises… Come 2030, a fascinating world of new technology and, perhaps, a gentler relationship with Mother Earth await us. Doris Viljoen, from the Institute for Futures Research, speaks to MARGUERITE VAN WYK. 

Art meets innovation with LG’s latest TV offering

More than anything, our homes have become a representation of who we are. We spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, searching for décor inspiration that complements our style and evokes a sense of comfort and peace in these unpredictable times. LG Electronics is a top contender when it comes to design.