Les Galaxies de Cartier

Cartier has designed a collection of limited-edition jewellery pieces based around a singular theme.

Subtle yet spicy

Celebrated caterer, chef and cookbook author Karen Dudley wasn’t too hot on chillies. Until now, that is.

Things to do this February

Our curated list of events and happenings to help you keep track of all the best activities in the Winelands this February. 

Talk of the Town

Eikestadnuus editor Danie Keet brings you the latest news, happenings and events that had chins wagging this week.

Cracking the code

Two Stellenbosch University researchers are pioneering a finger-prick test for the early detection of cancer.

Things to do this weekend

Another week of the year has slipped by and it’s again time for us to get out there an enjoy all the great events that the Winelands has to offer.

Talk of the Town

Eikestadnuus Editor Danie Keet weighs in with the latest stories from in and around Stellenbosch.