The muse of moss

Japanese garden principles meet South African natural beauty to create an oasis of serenity. Willem Pretorius describes how Anna-Marie Ferreira’s vision of a moss garden is being brought to life by Gert van Tonder.

The architecture of trees with Dave Pepler

Stellenbosch’s trees, says Dave Pepler, are the town’s cathedrals, constructed on the same principles as any building of stone. And they have the same capacity to give character to a landscape.

All in a day’s work at Vergelegen

Covid-19 hit South Africa’s wine, hospitality and tourism sectors hard – to say the least. But despite many ghastly challenges, Vergelegen, 322 years old this year, is heading in only one direction – forward. During an unveiling of the estate’s future plans, one thing was crystal clear: managing director, Wayne Coetzer, is a man with a plan.