Old Mutual Wealth: Time does tell

Meticulous planning and a good grasp of prevailing circumstances, coupled with experience, knowledge, diligence and patience, are just some of the elements that eventually culminate in an award-winning wine. As Marana Brand discovers, the same goes for investments.

Newton Johnson: Pioneers of Pinot Noir

The Newton Johnson family makes Pinot Noir (among other things) in the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Daléne Fourie of port2port.wine recounts their tale as told by younger son Gordon.

Vilafonté: Seriously old soils make a seriously fine wine

‘Positively ancient’ describes soils of the Cape Winelands, the ones that form the bedrock, quite literally, of some of their finest wines. Which, says Emile Joubert, goes a long way towards explaining the name of this Vilafonté wine.

Vergelegen appoints winemaker Luke O’Cuinneagain

Vergelegen Wine Estate has recently announced the appointment of a new winemaker. Luke O’Cuinneagain will take the reins around September this year, following in the footsteps of André van Rensburg (1998-2022) and Martin Meinert (1989-1998).

Showcasing Stellenbosch wines

Clifford Roberts explores a new concept for South Africa: a wine-tasting emporium that showcases exclusively the wines of Stellenbosch, all under one roof.