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Our Summer Issue

Some moments are created with Cap Classique in mind. Moments where only effervescent bubbles can…

Ed’s letter: A midsummer day’s dreams

Here’s an idea. Pour yourself a glass of one of our spectacular Chardonnays, then sit back with this issue of Stellenbosch Visio and imagine how you, guided by our discerning writers, are going to spend a sybaritic summer second to none.

From our editor: Here comes the sun!

Spring is in the air and it’s not only the icy days of winter that we’re leaving behind us. We are also emerging from two years of isolation, sadness, and often despair. Once more we have the freedom to rejoice in the longer, warmer days and in the tender unfolding of green leaves and delicate blossoms.

Ed’s letter: The times of our lives

Summertime and the festive season bring ample reasons for celebration, but also for reflection. We can’t help but think about those people who have lent meaning to our lives.

From Francé: To a sparkling spring…

Spring, season of rebirth and new growth, has become even more meaningful after the harsh realities of the past winter months have left us all emotionally drained. When the first radiant leaves started appearing on oaks and vines, we knew we were more resilient than we had ever thought.