Unbelievable lion sightings

The Lions of Kruger National Park

SANParks rangers are still working during the lockdown, living in the Kruger’s Park’s staff villages and heading out daily to make sure that park maintenance is being kept up and continuing the fight against poaching.

“We can take this opportunity to choose to leave behind what we’ve learnt we don’t like or miss, and take up the new potential: Evolve as nature does and start a whole new cycle, with better versions of ourselves, of our lives. More simple and satisfying, healthier and happier”

While on the road they’ve had some very interesting lion sightings that have enthralled wildlife watchers from across the world.

Lions have also been spotted relaxing on the Skukuza Golf Course (as have hyenas, impalas and wild dogs).


Near the Orpen rest camp in the mid-section of the park, lions are reportedly taking advantage of the car-free environment, spending more time sleeping on the tarmac roads during the day.

Across the world we are seeing wild animals, emboldened by a prolonged absence of vehicles and humans, venturing out to explore more widely than their usual haunts. Sometimes even in completely unexpected places.

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