Sustainable Architecture & Kitchen Design Collection

For Valcucine’s new catalogue – ECOSOPHÌA – they have imagined their kitchens installed in sustainable and innovative homes, in contexts that represent the new frontiers of contemporary and sustainable architecture, that are an ongoing source of inspiration for a better future. Their history shows the extent to which sustainability has been an integral part of the company’s identity since it was founded in 1980.

ECOSOPHÌA reveals each of their seven kitchen programmes in various sustainable architectural environments. Each ‘home’ showcases different elements of their impressive range of finishes as well as special features that can be paired with the kitchens.

The Genius Loci: A Modern Customised Kitchen

Just last year, Valcucine introduced two new programmes – Artematica Soft Outline and Riciclantica Outline. They presented new aesthetic and functional solutions applied to their leading kitchen collections: Artematica and Riciclantica designed by Valcucine’s founder, Gabriele Centazzo.

Artematica Soft Outline

The result of creative research aimed at achieving a pure volume, Artematica Soft Outline kitchen looks like a single block in which the top, doors and side panels are integrated in a harmonious, continuous whole embellished with a metal profile.

The “pure volume” effect can be created with some finishes such as Vitrum – Valcucine glass in glossy and matt versions – ceramic, marble and the revolutionary Carbontec sintered stone.

Riciclantica Outline

Valcucine’s continuous research and evolution rise to a straight, terse profile that runs along the edges of the sustainable kitchen and becomes the distinguishing element of the new Riciclantica Outline arrangement.

Formal perfection combines with practicality of use: the protected edge strengthens materials while increasing their resistance. The grip recesses – Riciclantica’s hallmark – cut across base unit surfaces, setting off the result of our pursuit of utmost dematerialisation, letting you perceive the extreme slimness – only 2 mm – of the lightest door in the world.

Explore the full ECOSOPHÌA catalogue here.