It is time to focus on SMEs

In a time that small business owner’s need a reliable banking partner more than ever, Standard Bank is committed to helping them stay afloat with specialised small business relief packages for SME’s.

“As a bank, one of the roles we have to play at this time is to be proactive and ask ourselves how we can show up for the businesses we know will continue to struggle for the foreseeable future. This is why we also announced a number of measures when the lockdown began and continue to extend a helping hand to businesses that are most at risk.” – Craig Polkinghorne, Head of Commercial Banking at Standard Bank

Securing the future of SME’s

In many parts of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has badly hurt companies of all kinds, particularly those with smaller operating margins. While it may be years before we fully understand the financial impact, many small business owners are quickly having to change how they do business, as the economic effects of the Coronavirus continue to manifest. Small businesses, in particular, have been facing an unprecedented level of disruption due to Covid-19. This has had a material financial and emotional impact on these businesses’ owners.

For these enterprises to make comeback after the pandemic abates, and once again serve as an engine of job creation in our economy, business owners are going to need to make timely, smart decisions to make sure the wheels keep turning during this trying period.

“We know there is currently immense pressure on small businesses, which are now forced to adapt under already trying circumstances. What will help this temporary transition is considering tools that will help this transition and maintain the continuity of business operations.” – Simone Cooper, Head of Business Banking at Standard Bank Group

Committed to small business

As day-to-day life and commerce evolve at an unprecedented pace, choosing and working with the right bank can make all the difference in adjusting to the challenges that lay ahead. Small businesses are the backbone of employment in South Africa. But they are also amongst those hardest hit by the economic effects of Covid-19.

Standard Bank is committed to supporting small businesses during this time; and invite owners to browse the special relief packages they are currently offering to small business customers. Everyone makes better decisions when they have better information. To learn more about how Standard Bank can help your small business (and for more detailed terms and conditions of their offerings) go to their website.