The way of the water

Babylonstoren is known for its tranquil and inspiring spaces. But the farm’s newest addition, the Hot Spa, is more than a space – it’s a self-care experience.

WATER IS THE lifeblood of Babylonstoren’s famed gardens, located on the Klapmuts-Simondium Road. This vital element is also the cornerstone of the farm’s new Hot Spa, which focuses on treatments founded in water or steam. The theme of water flowing through the land is not only evident in the facility’s design; the sound of running water provides a soothing backdrop for utter relaxation.

Two circular vitality pools connected by a water channel form an indoor–outdoor heated pool, while paired mosaic alcoves feature cold running water for an energising boost. In cooler weather, a fireplace between these alcoves invites you to bask in its warmth.

With its simple yet sophisticated design, the sprawling swimming pool can be enjoyed in all weather conditions.

The Hot Spa’s other attractions include a sauna, a second heated pool and a salt room. Built from blocks of raw Himalayan salt, the salt chamber’s rosy hue creates a soothing, healing environment. The space harnesses Himalayan salt’s therapeutic properties to lift your mood and reduce fatigue.

Marisa Beyers, head of media and communications at Babylonstoren, explains that the Hot Spa’s features are to be enjoyed independently.

“Guests are mostly left to navigate the beautiful communal space with its vitality pools, steam room, sauna, salt room and 16m-long swimming pool on their own and soak it up in privacy. Even on dreary days, you can float in the heated pool while ad- miring the sky through a glass-panelled pitched roof,” she says.

Taking inspiration from the gardens, the Rasul’s curved walls are tiled with mosaics in calming botanical green tones. Hands are given a pampering pre-manicure wash.

The Hot Spa’s tall glass windows admit ample light and welcome the surrounding greenery inside. The result is a constantly changing setting that reflects the beauty of the world-renowned gardens throughout the year.

This space is an indoor–outdoor experience, in which the environment becomes part of the treatment,” says Marisa. “It’s all about a connection to nature and the farm surrounds, whatever the season.”

In keeping with the water theme, Babylonstoren now also boasts Rasul and hammam treatment rooms adjacent to the Hot Spa.

The hammam’s ancient Turkish cleansing treatment is supremely good at relieving stress, increasing circulation and helping tired muscles to ease and relax.

The Rasul represents a centuries-old cleansing practice, the mud bath. This bathing ritual follows a four-step process, with each step as soothing as the last. After exfoliation and cleansing, your body is wrapped in clay harvested locally from freshwater lakes. Rich in natural minerals, the clay has been blended with essential oils, extracted from indigenous botanicals, to encourage the re- lease of toxins or impurities. The third step sees you relaxing in the steam room to let the clay work its magic, followed by a session of cleansing and buffing. After being pampered between the Rasul’s curved green walls, your skin will feel smooth and your spirit relaxed.

The hammam has a vibrant blue mosaic ceiling, heated marble walls and two marble treatment slabs.

Providing a fresh take on the ancient Arabian public baths that have offered physical and spiritual renewal for centuries, the hammam at Babylonstoren is designed to accommodate only two guests at a time. Treatment takes place on a heated marble slab beneath a vaulted ceiling covered in beautiful mosaics. The hour-long private water ritual starts off with a scrub and is followed by a choice between dynamic stretching and massage or a traditional soap treatment.

Although exotic in origin, both the hammam and Rasul treatment rooms capture the essence of Babylonstoren in their de- sign. Whereas the hammam evokes the sunny South African sky with a range of rich and uplifting blue mosaics, the Rasul’s botanical green tiles echo the gardens.

While the Hot Spa and new treatment rooms invite you to let the healing power of water wash over you, the existing Babylonstoren Garden Spa continues to offer familiar treatments such as massages, hydrating body wraps, bespoke facials, pedicures and other beauty treatments.

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