The BMW CE 04 – The Silent Revolution

In a groundbreaking stride towards urban electromobility, BMW introduces the CE 04, a beacon of authenticity, elegance, and efficiency. Representing the culmination of extensive research and development, this vehicle ushers in a new era of design, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of your everyday life through intelligent connectivity solutions.

Unifying Through Design

The modern and unmistakable design of the BMW CE 04 is accentuated by two meticulously crafted color concepts, each highlighting the pioneering design elements that make this electric marvel stand out. Craft your personalized configuration by clicking here and experience the intersection of style and innovation.

Timeless Innovation

At the heart of the BMW CE 04’s design is the slim energy storage unit nestled within the underfloor assembly and the compact drivetrain. This revolutionary approach has given rise to novel aesthetics, such as the side-folding charging compartment and the floating seat. The low center of gravity not only enhances handling but also contributes to surprising dynamism and timeless riding pleasure. Each design element seamlessly flows into the next, with ample, calm, and minimalistic surfaces dominating the overall aesthetic. The front end introduces an exciting break in the design, while the rear end proudly showcases technological components, a distinctive trait of motorcycles.

Energetic, Efficient, Emission-Free

The BMW CE 04 is not merely a vehicle; it’s a passion ignited by revolutionary design and cutting-edge technology, opening up a world of possibilities. Dive into the technical data and explore the extensive features by clicking here, and witness firsthand the silent revolution in urban mobility.