The Hydro: feel replenished, detoxified, beautified and nourished

South Africa’s much-loved premier health spa The Hydro is housed in one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. Magical woodland surroundings and crisp air are party to the healing conspiracy steeped in nature’s generous offering.

The Hydro is fully equipped with world-renowned tools and protocols for detoxifying, de-stressing, energy-restoring and beautifying programmes to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. A special emphasis is placed on the highly nutritious organic vegetarian food, much of it from The Hydro’s own garden.

Plush, spacious accommodation in various sizes boasts luxurious linens and furnishings. Suites and rooms are positioned to make the most of the stunning views, where stately trees and manicured lawns merge into gently sloping orchards and vineyards. Nature’s benevolent determination to heal and rejuvenate is equalled only by the warmth and dedication of The Hydro’s staff, whose primary objective is to care for their patrons.

These people transfer their quiet, competent and sensitive energy into everything they do. More than repair your physical, spiritual or mental exhaustion, they restore your faith. This is why it is more than a place of rest: it is a reminder of the real elements that sustain us: physical, mental or spiritual. It’s a place to stop, reboot and take stock.

The Hydro is not a place that works its magic in an instant. Time changes slowly here. Each season presents the full force of life. A day takes the full span of sunrise to sunset. You know, because you watch it. You experience it. After a few days, you will feel replenished, detoxified, beautified and nourished. Yet, this menu of facilities is just the surface of The Hydro.