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An ideal time to consider offshore wealth creation

Contrary to expectations, the net wealth of some households increased massively following the initial sharp downturn caused by the first Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa. And with similar positive trends being seen across the world, now is the time to look offshore for growth opportunities, with guidance from Old Mutual Wealth’s expert advisers.

Let the unimaginable take flight with GraySwan

Robust investment processes, blended with over 100 years of investment experience, have consistently given clients the freedom to reimagine their futures and those of generations to come.

Bespoke investing: The power of tailored portfolios

Traditionally, tailored portfolios were known as private share portfolios and were available only to the very wealthy. However, today investors can construct a tailored portfolio across many asset classes and different markets, combining growth, flexibility and better risk oversight at a relatively low cost, writes CHRIS POTGIETER.