Stellenbosch in Tops at Trophy Spirits Show

Stellenbosch has added another feather to its cap with Van Ryn’s Distillery’s exceptional performance at the prestigious Investec Trophy Spirits Show, winning three best of show awards.

The Stellenbosch-based distillery’s achievement highlights the craftsmanship and dedication behind Van Ryn’s exquisite creations and underscores the regions growing reputation as a hub for premium spirits.

The Trophy Spirits Show

The Trophy Spirits Show, brought to you by Investec, is the only competition in South Africa which assesses a representative array of international and local high-end spirits, liqueurs and aperitifs available to consumers in the country. Its judging methodology is based on the tried and tested system developed over many years by the Trophy Wine Show. Amongst its key features are three person judging panels, at least one of whose members is an international specialist invited to South Africa specifically to judge the competition.


The 2024 iteration of the show saw considerable breadth and depth to the entries received across all classes.

There were 106 entries received this year from 17 producers and distributors with 56 brands, spread through 7 categories. In terms of total entries, the whiskey classes saw the greatest number with 33. These were mainly from Scotland, though there were also submissions from South Africa and Ireland. Included in this line-up were malt, grain and blended whiskies, as well as pot-still whiskeys. It is a tribute to the respect in which the show is held that most of the major brands were represented.

The gin classes saw a fair spread of entries across all three categories – London Dry, Distilled and Flavoured Gin, and included local craft submissions as well as entries from many of the international producers.

Brandy was well represented with pot-still submissions from the Cape and France (Cognac). Unsurprisingly, given the worldwide surge in interest in tequila/agave and rum, there were strong entries in these classes. Good representation of vodkas and cream liqueurs completed the judging line-up.

For the first time in the history of the competition a panel could not separate its two top scoring products and finally resolved to share the trophy for the show’s best whiskey between the top grain and the top malt. The annual battle between France and South Africa for the brandy crown saw Van Ryn’s securing this coveted trophy with the Single Potstill Brandy Aged 20 Years.

South Africa’s share of the gold medals and trophies was significant enough to serve as a tribute to the craft and skill of our domestic distillers, and a vindication of Investec’s commitment to an industry which makes a major contribution to employment and to the country’s GDP.

Trophy Winners

Trophy for Best Pot-distilled Brandy: Van Ryn’s Single Potstill Brandy Aged 20 Years
Vinolok Trophy for Best Premium Spirit Investec Trophy for Best Brandy of Show: Van Ryn’s Single Potstill Brandy Aged 20 Years

Trophy for Best Grain Whisky – Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky – Single Grain Double-Matued
Investec Trophy for Best Whisky of Show (tied):

  • Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky – Single Grain Double-Matued
  • Tomatin 2012 Single Cask Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky – WhiskyBrother Excl

Investec Trophy for Best Malt Whisk(e)y: Tomatin 2012 Single Cask Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky – WhiskyBrother Excl

Investec Trophy for Best London Gin: Amarula Premium African Gin

Riedel Trophy for Best Gin of Show: Amarula Premium African Gin

Investec Trophy for Best Single Pot Still Whisk(e)y: Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiske

Investec Trophy for Best Blended Whisky: Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky

Trophy for Best Vodka of Show: Absolut Elyx Vodka

Trophy for Best Flavoured Gin: Cape Fynbos Gin – Citrus Edition

Trophy for Best Cognac: Martell XO Cognac

Trophy for Best Tequila of Show: Avion Reposado Tequila

Investec Trophy for Best Liqueur of Show: Wild Africa Caffé Latte Cream Liqueur

Gold Medal Winners

Bisquit & Dubouché Cognac V.S.O.P.

Frapin Grande Champagne Cognac 1270

Gordon’s London Dry Gin

Inverroche Amber Gin

Inverroche Verdant Gin

Johnnie Walker Green Label Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 15 Years KWV Alambic Blend Potstill Brandy 15 Year Old

Metanoia Klein Karoo Gin

Richelieu Vintage Brandy 10 Year Old

SKYY Vodka

The Singleton of Dufftown Single Malt Scotch Whisky 15 Years Old