Seizing the offshore opportunity with Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Securities

In a five-part video series, Jéan Minnaar, managing director of Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Securities, discusses the various intricacies of offshore investing and how to make the most of this exciting opportunity.

Part #5: The PCS Global Equity Portfolio

At Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Securities, we understand the importance of investing with a global perspective and actively pursue the best investment opportunities. Our Global Equity Portfolio is a robust, quality offshore investment that has been delivering solid performance since its inception in 2014. Through this portfolio, we offer investors the opportunity to invest in some of the largest, most successful and fastest-growing businesses and markets in the world.

Part #4: A word on the rand

While investing offshore is rewarding, it is also complex as there are numerous nuances that need to be considered. It’s important to take a longer-term view and look past short-term currency movements. The focus should rather be on risk management and long asset-liability matching. Buying assets priced in other currencies is not about getting the exchange rate “right” or “wrong”. Rather, it’s about a risk “mitigated” or a need “met”.

Part #3: A view to the future

While every South African investor should have a portion of their assets invested offshore, exactly how much depends on where their future responsibilities will lie. And for many high-net-worth individuals, some of those responsibilities may no longer be denominated in rands. Whether it’s offshore studies, emigration or a swallow lifestyle, an offshore portfolio will offer growth and income better aligned to match these responsibilities.

Part #2: A vital diversifier

It is likely that between 65%-80% of local investors’ total wealth is directly exposed to the South African economy. Total wealth includes career, business and property interests, in addition to investments such as pensions. This means that the majority of South African investors are not sufficiently diversified.

Part #1: A world of opportunities awaits

Did you know that South Africa constitutes less than 0.5% of the global economy and that the JSE represents less than 1% of investable opportunities? So, by restricting themselves to local investments, investors are missing out on a significant opportunity to protect and grow their wealth.

Good to know

Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Securities specialises in bespoke investment management for high net worth investors. Our Private Client Portfolio Managers craft personalised portfolios that are tailored to cater for your unique needs and goals. In addition to high quality local and global companies, we have access to a wide range of investments including some that are not ordinarily available to individual investors. Whether your goal is to grow your wealth, generate income or preserve capital, we select the best and most suitable investments for you, based on our extensive research and collective insights.

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