Prepare for tomorrow while shaping the future with GraySwan

Profound structural shifts are taking root in the global economy. The transition to clean energy, alongside rapid advancements in digital and healthcare technology, will change the way we live forever. These shifts are known as megatrends.

At GraySwan, we see immense opportunity ahead as these megatrends unfold. The road ahead is exciting and presents novel opportunities for wealth generation. However, no one can predict the twists and turns it will take along the way.

“Underpinned by data-driven proprietary research, we have crafted unit trust products that give clients the best of both worlds – the freedom to act boldly in shaping the future, and the peace of mind of more predictable, consistent returns. We combine our proficiency in thematic investing with our deep experience in mitigating risk using diversified portfolios,” Duncan Theron, GraySwan CEO.

Our Cautious Fund of Funds targets stable but healthy growth while aiming to minimise risk and focus on the structural shift away from fossil fuels to renewables. Aimed at investors who have a low tolerance for risk, the fund has a maximum exposure of 40% to growth assets such as equities and property. It is well diversified by geography, asset class and investment managers, and generates income largely through its high exposure to fixed income assets.

Similarly, the GraySwan Sanlam Collective Investments Cautious Fund of Funds is well diversified and conservatively managed, with the aim of delivering superior returns.

Both funds offer local and offshore allocations, with meaningful exposures to the underlying trends shaping the economy of the future.

These forward-looking funds are aimed at giving our clients the freedom to generate wealth – with the comfort of reduced risk. This means that even the most conservative investors can explore beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking and participate in global change.

It is the freedom to shape the future.

Find your freedom at www. grayswan.co.za.