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Be inspired by the latest round-up of creative projects, new developments and the season’s indulgent experiences.


Hazendal Wine Estate has long been revered for its exceptional wines, rich history and captivating cultural experiences. And now the eagerly anticipated opening of The Hazendal, a new luxury boutique hotel and spa, is set to elevate the estate’s offerings even further. The Hazendal is poised to rede- fine indulgence with its opulent facilities and attention to detail. With every aspect meticulously designed to provide an unforgettable experience, guests can expect a seamless blend of elegance, comfort and sophistication. This beautiful new addition to the estate promises to offer the last word in contemporary luxury, with 34 rooms and suites boasting scenic views of the Winelands. Bright, modern decor, warm Winelands hospitality and an array of exciting new dining and entertainment offerings await guests at The Hazendal.

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Experience Banhoek Valley’s wine scene on wheels with Winelands Guide’s half-day guided E-bike & Wine Tour, which will take you on an adventure through the heart of the Winelands. The tour includes wine tastings along the way at award-winning wine estates with breathtaking views and memorable visits to modern cellars that still use old-fashioned techniques for winemaking.

Although E-bikes require electricity, they are far more efficient than traditional motorised vehicles and reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions by up to 90%. Enjoy scenic views and quality wine, all while being sustainable!

Call 073 191 6962 or send an email to info@winelandsguide.com to book your spot.

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Champagne Telmont has decided to act ‘in the name of Mother Nature’, thus advocating for the preservation of nature’s gifts. For this reason, the Champagne producer’s ambition is to become 100% organic by using production methods that reduce impact on the natural surroundings.

From its home in France, Champagne Telmont recently made a visit to Cape Town to launch its magnificent symbol of celebration for South Africans to enjoy. With its sustainable outlook on viticulture, it has set five tangible objectives for the future: to preserve terroir and biodiversity; to make eco-design a general concept; to transition to 100% renewable electricity and promote the use of ‘green’ energy sources; to overhaul the logistics chain, both upstream and downstream; and to limit greenhouse gas emissions indirectly related to its business. It will also intensify efforts to be transparent and informative

Embodying a unique style, the Champagnes are ethereal yet structured and maintain a fine balance between tension and freshness. With the principle of allowing the terroir to express itself through its wines, Champagne Telmont employs its know-how to reveal the various facets of nature.
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In the realm of contemporary art, few names command as much attention and awe as Strijdom van der Merwe. Known for his ability to transform landscapes into extraordinary installations, Strijdom has consistently pushed the boundaries of artistic expression. His highly anticipated upcoming project, Pleister/ Plaster, promises to be a transformative and thought-provoking exploration of the relationship between art, nature and the human spirit. Pleister/ Plaster will be an interplay on the idea of climate change and the attempts we make to save what is left of our beautiful earth. Working together with Hanlé Hill and Damien Cadle, the new farm manager at Vriesenhof, Strijdom ploughed a gigantic plaster shape on the land. Seeds have been planted in the shape and by September or October these seeds will be producing flowers, creating a beautiful floral ‘plaster’ that’s massive in size and in meaning.

Prepare to be mesmerised and inspired as Pleister/Plaster blurs the boundaries between the tangible and the intangible, the temporal and the eternal.
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The Winelands Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of talented conductor Regard Kühn, brings together a group of dedicated musicians, each with their own professions outside of the music industry. Established in 2005, it aims to bring world-class music to the communities of the Cape Winelands. Its mission is to inspire and enrich audiences through exceptional performances, to promote musical education and to contribute to the cultural development of the region.

It also shines a spotlight on classical compositions, offering a platform for South African composers’ newly created music. In June, they premiered a thrilling overture composed by the talented musician Kristi Boonzaaier. It was a celebration of creativity and of the power of music to inspire and uplift.

Beyond the concert hall, the orchestra aims to make a lasting impact and to bring solace, joy and unity through the art of music.

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Gaining recognition for the innovative use of recycled plastic to produce high-quality pegs, Increda-Peg is a proudly South African business with a unique approach to sustainability. Since being founded in 2017, Increda-Peg has been dedicated to sustainability and finding innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Its vision is to create a superior peg that not only outperforms competitors, but also contributes to reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy.

By collecting and repurposing plastic waste such as discarded bottles and containers, Increda-Peg significantly reduces the demand for virgin plastic and helps prevent the waste from ending up in landfills or polluting the environment. Careful engineering and design have created a peg that offers exceptional grip, strength and longevity, ensuring that clothes stay securely fastened, even in the most blustery weather conditions.

The commitment to sustainability, superior product quality and contributions to the circular economy shown by the makers of Increda-Peg sets an inspiring example of how businessescan create innovative solutions that benefit both consumers and the environment.
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Since April, La Petite Ferme has been hosting exclusive food and wine experiences on the last Friday of every month – and will continue to do so until September. Themed dinners are at the core of these gastronomic evenings, each inspired by one specific ingredient celebrated across five courses.

The mountainside wine estate in Franschhoek blew us away with the explosions of flavour during its first themed evening, where the main ingredient was cinnamon. The menu celebrated the flavour in ways that were subtle, yet strong. With courses ranging from mosbolletjies with cinnamon butter, carrot and cinnamon soup with a carrot sorbet, cinnamon tortellini and pork belly to apple and cinnamon tarte Tatin, La Petite Ferme’s culinary team outdid themselves and our expectations.

There are two themed evenings still to be held, on 25 August and 29 September, when mushroom and chocolate respectively will be celebrated.

Send an email to reception@lapetiteferme.co.za to reserve your table for a La Petite Wine & Food Experience.
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Die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) se Dramadepartement het weer eens studente se teatertalente na die verhoog gebring tydens vanjaar se Première Teaterfees wat van 24–29 Julie aangebied is.

Première is daarop gemik om die skep van nuwe teaterwerk deur die stu- dente van die US Dramadepartement aan te moedig. Hierdie produksies, met ’n tydsduur van 30–50 minute, kon in enige styl of genre aangebied word. Studente aan die departement was – as onder meer akteurs, verhoogbestuurders, teksskrywers en regisseurs – vir alle aspekte van die produksies verantwoordelik.

Die teaterfees het verder ten doel om ’n kultuur van deurlopende artistieke samewerking binne Stellenbosch se dramastudentegemeenskap te bevorder
– dít alles met ’n fokus op die vervaardiging van hoëgehalteproduksies in ’n omgewing wat stimulerend, opwindend, opbouend en inspirerend is.

Daar was vanjaar 12 teaterproduksies by die fees. Temas het ingesluit hoe dit is om as vrou groot te word, gratifikasie aan kelners, ’n moderne Romeo en Juliet, en ’n kwaai oom op ’n trein. ‘The old man who thought he had a dog’ is as die wenproduksie aangewys.
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