NEWS & REVIEWS: Porsche’s work of art and NID Training NPC’s vision for change

In the final instalment of NEWS & REVIEWS this autumn, we meet the artist behind Porsche’s 911 Carrera Coupé affectionately called “My Life in Motion”, and find out how NID Training NPC is changing lives.

A moving canvas

Since 1963, Porsche’s rear-engine sports car has remained the brand’s iconic model, evolving over eight generations. Today, the 911 range offers a wide selection of models to thrill any passionate driver. The luxury car manufacturer’s latest collaboration with world-renowned visual artist Nelson Makamo pays homage to a creatively gifted child from rural Modimolle in Limpopo back in the 1980s. That was when a young Nelson decided that he would one day own his very own Porsche 911. Fast-forward to 2021… With an impressive list of international clients, celebrities and private collectors, Nelson is wrapping up a residency in Franschhoek when a modern-day Porsche 911 catches his eye. Mesmerised by the 911’s evolutionary design, the artist establishes a conversation with Porsche South Africa, fuelling the concept of creating his own customised car, a moving canvas.

Over the course of several weeks, Nelson painstakingly hand-paints parts of the 911 at his studio in Johannesburg. Affectionately called “My Life in Motion” by the artist, this 911 is an eye-catching, jet-black metallic Carrera Coupé featuring the artist’s signature accents with a hand-painted rear bumper panel, side mirror covers, seatbacks and interior trim panels. “Your existence is not only a blessing to your family, but to many communities. This 911 is meant to inspire anyone to believe they can succeed through their passion,” says Nelson. 

A vision for changing lives

The theory of change has seldom been as pertinent as in the case of NID Training NPC who has taken the challenges of the past two years and turned them into opportunities. Together with CEO, Dr Lientjie Janse van Rensburg-Welling, the team’s purpose is to change lives. Lientjie and her team of change leaders have introduced innovative methods of delivery to address the high level of unemployment among persons with disabilities as well as assist unemployed and underemployed young people across all nine provinces.

The team has years of experience in research and development in the field of disability, training persons with disabilities and delivering SETA-accredited and higher education programmes. This small company tailors programmes to suit the needs of their clients. The success of this innovative process is evident in the enrolment of more than 2,000 students in 2022 alone, just one year into its existence. Most programmes offered are skills-based. For more information, call 023 347 3546 or email info@nid.org.za.