News & reviews: new books and new designs

In news & reviews this spring: wine estate Vergelegen publishes a new recipe book, photographer Obie Oberholzer produces a photographic book capturing the many faces of Tokara, find beauty in concrete, and celebrate South African wine with a puzzle.

A book of wine, a book of love


When renowned South African photographer Obie Oberholzer first met GT Ferreira in Stellenbosch in 1967, no one expected a photographic book – written and shot by Obie himself – 54 years later. At 190 pages, printed on the finest art paper in China, the book is a visual feast of friendships, vistas and exceptional wine, all portrayed in Obie’s eccentric and gifted style. “This book was a gift to the owners of TOKARA, GT and Micky Ferreira, whom I have known since our Stellenbosch varsity days in the late 1960s. It was GT, who as head of RMB, offered me sponsorship to work on my first book in the mid-1980s – the beginning of my documented wanderings,” recalls Obie. The book was photographed over the course of two years, with many visits to incorporate seasonal colouring, wine and olive harvests, and the various moods portrayed by the farm’s unique gardens. TOKARA by Obie Oberholzer (R600 excluding courier charges) can be purchased at the estate, or send an email to rob@tokara.com to order your copy.  

Cook with Vergelegen 


Known for its natural beauty and memorable cuisine, Vergelegen Wine Estate has recently published a new recipe book titled A Cape Table. The book, with captivating visuals by Craig Fraser and food styling by Anke Roux, features recipes from chefs Michael Bridgeman, Roger Hindley and Michael Cooke, interspersed with fascinating insights into the estate’s history and pedigree. A Cape Table was initiated by Vergelegen’s former managing director, Don Tooth, who led the estate’s renaissance for 30 years. “Vergelegen has hosted royalty, presidents, pop stars and politicians. What they have in common is their passion for this beautiful estate and its great cuisine enjoyed in spectacular surroundings. We hope this book will delight those who already know and love Vergelegen and also encourage new fans to discover the estate for themselves,” says Wayne Coetzer, Vergelegen’s managing director. A Cape Table costs R450 and can be purchased at the estate, or send an email to info@vergelegen.co.za for more information.

Yes, it’s concrete 


Ever thought an uninteresting composite material such as concrete can become one of the latest design trends? After discovering the surprising versatility of concrete as an artistic medium, software engineer Frederick van Staden had an ‘aha’ moment that gave birth to KREET, a captivating collection of handcrafted concrete sculptures. “What began as a hobby quickly became more, as demand for our products far outstripped initial expectations. Now we are a small team with big aspirations to bring refreshing, vibrant art into homes around South Africa and beyond. With simplicity in mind, the marriage of contemporary digital design with the timeless elegance of simple materials like concrete is at the core of our products. There’s a lot of beauty in concrete – the perfectly imperfect – and our pieces highlight this beauty with clean lines and whimsical characters,” says Frederick. Each sculpture is handcrafted using advanced concrete casting techniques, telling its own story with colour and character while retaining the look and feel of fine concrete. Frederick adds, “We’ll help make your home a true reflection of your personality, with pieces that are part sophisticated design, part quirky charm, and all heart.” Know what you want but need help bringing it to life? KREET also offers a bespoke commission service for small, large, once-off or bulk orders. Send an email to info@kreet.co.za for more information. 

An orange a day…

Project Orange, an initiative by the Ruben Richards Foundation in partnership with citrus producers from the Olifants River valley, made history after delivering seven million oranges – rich in Vitamin C – to vulnerable communities across South Africa. Only in its second year of existence, Project Orange has now joined forces with the Bryan Habana Foundation, the Centre for Early Childhood Development and CBD Marketing to double the number of oranges delivered to at-risk women and children. “My hope is that our collective collaboration will highlight the importance of nutrition for children in South Africa,” says Springbok rugby legend Bryan Habana. Perhaps you too would like to help. According to Project Orange, “It is easy and simple for South Africans to contribute to this campaign and help vulnerable communities. All it takes is 50c and you have sponsored an orange. You might think twice about those coins on your car’s floor.” To get involved in sponsorship, call 082 666 0671 or email christine@cbdmarketing.co.za

Don’t be puzzled

Water & Wines

Want to journey through the world of South African wine via a jigsaw puzzle? For Yamit Viitaoja, a sommelier based in Stockholm, it’s all about reinventing and sharing her passion for oenology with wine lovers near and far. After graduating from Swedish sommelier school Vinkällan a few months prior to the Covid-19 crisis, Yamit fell ill and isolated at home. She started making puzzles as a meditative activity – and that’s when Water & Wines took flight. “After hearing about the dire situation of South African wine producers due to the pandemic, I got in touch with a representative of Wines of South Africa in Sweden and we decided to create a puzzle promoting South African wines. We focused on the Western Cape, where most of the country’s wine production is concentrated. We hope the puzzle does your incredible country justice and will make people curious to learn more about South African wines,” says Yamit. Water & Wines’ puzzles – all handcrafted and sustainable – also cover wine countries such as France, Italy and Spain. Order your puzzle online or send an email to hello@waterandwines.com. Now, pour yourself a glass of vino and get building