Trendy home, trendy pet

When husband-and-wife team Yolandi and Barend Botha decided to renovate their apartment, the couple’s beloved cat Coco’s living space proved somewhat problematic. As avid enthusiasts of interior design, how could they ensure that Coco’s furniture would blend seamlessly with their own decor and aesthetics? And with Coco’s cat stand (read ‘throne’) already shredded to pieces, Yolandi and Barend had to make a plan. After creating a custom-made cat stand, perfect for the boss of the house, the couple never looked back and Jelico came into being, offering stylish, functional and well-designed pet furniture that fits harmoniously into any home.

“Each item is uniquely handcrafted using materials such as bamboo, recycled felt and rattan to create a product that both home-owners and pets are sure to love,” says Yolandi. “Our new summer collection is all about combining textures and materials with a minimalist aesthetic to create modern, functional pet furniture for your fur child to enjoy.” Jelico’s new range includes the brand’s Ziggy dog steps, which enable small canines to reach high beds and sofas. “The design combines bamboo with steel to give you a strong, durable product that is aesthetically pleasing and small enough to not take up too much space. We have also introduced some new cat climbers and wall units made from bamboo to create a customised cat activity wall.”