New tastes, inspiring innovation and noteworthy happenings this winter

In news and reviews this winter, we bring you new tastes, inspiring innovation and noteworthy happenings.

Dine in an old post office

Jessica van Dyk, passionate chef and owner of new Stellenbosch restaurant Post & Pepper, always dreamed about her own restaurant. When the old Stellenbosch Post Office became available as a commercial space, she jumped at the opportunity. “I knew I wanted to pay homage to the old and the history while celebrating the new we wanted to create. I played with different options and the name Post & Pepper just had a nice ring to it, so it stuck,” says Jessica. After opening its doors in mid-February 2022, Post & Pepper quickly became a favourite. “We wanted to create a comfortable and warm space where diners can relax while enjoying beautiful and delicious food with top-notch service. The colours and textures of the interior help to give a calm and comfortable feeling while still being elegant and stylish. We serve sharing plates in a family-style setting as that is a nostalgic part of us growing up – thus relatable food packed with flavour.”

Good to know: Post & Pepper is open on Tuesdays (18:00–20:30), Wednesdays to Saturdays (12:00–14:30 and 18:00–20:30) and Sundays (12:00–14:30). Call 021 203 5165 for bookings.

Where creativity and rest collide

Milkshed, an interdisciplinary art studio and historic 1830’s shed at Karibib Vineyards outside Stellenbosch, was designed for rejuvenation through art. While hunting for a personal studio space in 2021, founder Lizelle Lazarus came across this historic cow shed, deserted by a previous artist a decade ago. “I immediately knew it was time to once again breathe life into this space. In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced world, there still exists a place where time comes to a standstill, where creative expression and rest collide,” says Lizelle.

After weeks of renovations, Milkshed emerged as Lizelle’s expressive, sacred place of making. Today, Milkshed’s doors are open for drawing, painting, printmaking or ceramics in the form of weekly classes or seasonal workshops. “Milkshed is set apart by its focus on meeting the unique creative needs of the individual and teaching valuable skills throughout the process.” Lizelle was born in Windhoek and spent her foundational years in the coastal town of Lüderitz. The then slow-paced living and the strangeness of the barren desert landscapes hold a core place in her life and practice.

Good to know: On Saturday, 25 June 2022, an oil monotype printing workshop is taking place (cost R1,200 per person, materials and lunch included). On 24 and 25 September 2022, a creative ceramics weekend will be hosted by Lizelle at R2,200 per person – all inclusive. Or take part in Thursday evening classes from 18:00 to 20:30. Class prices range from R280 to R320. For bookings, visit www.milkshedstudio.co.za. 

Vintage and fabulous

Ask the woman behind Paisley’s Antique Jewellery about her road to success and the tale is just as enticing as the store’s many historic pieces. “Paisley’s started out in 1985 in a small attic shop in Vermeulen Street in Pretoria. Over the past 37 years it has evolved into a unique business with one of the best selections of antique and vintage jewellery in the country,” says Heleen Bossi. After relocating to the City of Oaks in 2005, Heleen is now selling online, hosting two exhibitions a year in Pretoria and taking part in exhibitions by the South African Antique, Art and Design Association in the Western Cape.

According to Heleen, her love for antique jewellery started as a child when an eccentric great-aunt showed her a jewellery box filled with beautiful heirlooms. “That experience triggered a lifelong passion. When I started travelling the world as an air hostess, I was naturally drawn to antique fairs wherever I went. What I love about antique jewellery, is the history behind each unique piece, and the fact that by recycling old jewellery, it is being preserved for future generations.” Some of Heleen’s favourite hunting grounds include London, New York, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

Good to know: Heleen sees clients in Stellenbosch – by appointment only. 

The truth is in the details

Founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by English jean maker Jason Denham, his contemporary denim brand DENHAM offers a complete range for men and women, including outerwear, tops, bottoms and accessories. Driven by the pioneering spirit of the original blue jeans, DENHAM approaches design with passion and innovation while honouring tradition. It combines its experience in wash recipes, fit perfection and contemporary cuts with fabrics from the world’s best mills in Italy and Japan. The brand aims to serve its customers with premium products, artistic brand content and engaging emotive storytelling at every customer touchpoint.

With design influences from the Far East and roots in the West, the Asian spirit runs deep in DENHAM. Inspired by the tagline ‘The truth is in the details’, DENHAM obsesses over every detail of the design process and across the business. Newly opened in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, the store boasts indigo inspired elements and is peppered with Japanese inspiration. Each pair of jeans is embroidered with DENHAM’s trademark scissor logo, meticulously crafted in 691 stitches and inspired by Jason Denham’s first pair of tailor shears.

Good to know: Visit Denham at Hyde Park Corner in Sandton or the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and find your perfect fit.

More than just a flower

CHANEL’s latest skincare venture takes shape in a new generation of holistic beauty products. The recently launched anti-ageing No1 DE CHANEL line encompasses a skincare and make-up range as well as a fragrance mist; and at the heart of all of this, the unique and revitalising power of red camellia extract. The red camellia is one of the few flowers in the world whose extraordinary energy gives it perennial youth, says CHANEL. According to the French beauty house: “Its resilience led CHANEL Research to make a remarkable discovery: the unique action of the red camellia, which works on the No1 stage of skin ageing to prevent or correct the appearance of the five signs of ageing.” The new line aims to minimise its environmental impact: formulas contain up to 97% naturally derived ingredients and up to 76% camellia-derived ingredients. In addition, all packaging is free of cellophane and contains no paper leaflets, lids are made with 90% bio-based materials and certain packaging components are recyclable.

The No1 DE CHANEL range includes nine products: a power-to-foam cleanser, lotion, eye cream, serum, cream, foundation, lip and cheek balm, serum-in-mist and the L’EAU ROUGE scent.