Join the Film Club

Watching a film with other people in a theatre makes for a unique experience. The recently launched Neelsie Cinema Film Club offers the chance to fall in love with cinema all over again and meet kindred spirits. Situated in the Student Centre, the cinema boasts two theatres, equipped with powerful surround sound, lighting and luxurious seats.

The Neelsie Cinema Film Club is a members’ club run by the Neelsie Cinema for those who want to watch the films screened daily. The screenings are curated by the students’ Pulp Film Society as well as the cinema’s monthly guest curator.

From celebrating Bafta Award Winner Oliver Hermanus to feasting our eyes on the magic of Viola Davis, the film club has it all. Did you say romance? Or action? Whether you’re a fan of Harry and Sally or Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is a film for you.

The cinema also caters for the littlest of movie buffs. Enjoy quality time with your kids as they embark on adventures with the wide selection of children’s movies. Witness their faces light up with joy and wonder as they watch Shrek, Beauty and the Beast, Avatar, and The Fox and the Hound.

As with any theatre experience, the Neelsie Cinema offers an array of snacks and drinks.

Memberships start from R150 per month and include solo, couples, pensioners and family packages for one month or annually.

Click here to register for the club or send a message to WhatsApp at +27 76 500 0743. To view screenings, follow Neelsie Cinema on Instagram.