Jackie Burger on the future of fashion

Steered by the Zeitgeist notion that COVID-19 might have changed the way we dress forever, we speak to Salonnière Jackie Burger on the essence of style, reinvention and the new attitudes to fashion she would like to see. 

Has COVID-19 changed the way you dress? 

In stillness I rediscovered my style inheritance: a love for pieces inspired by tailored menswear gleaned from my father and beautifully crafted, hand-embroidered, smocked or quilted details from my mother (she still darns my treasured knits and fixes vintage beaded bags with painstaking effort and care). Not forgetting my stalwart wardrobe companions which tell the story of my lifelong affair with fashion, design and collecting only those pieces that truly become my sense of self.

What are you wearing today and what made you choose this particular outfit?

As an ode to this style inheritance, I am dressed in a hand-embroidered vintage men’s silk shirt accessorised with Chanel cufflinks and worn with black wool tuxedo pants (part of a vintage suit I found and had retailored to fit my body shape). What I wear reflects my mood, so the leopard-print tights teamed with African-inspired lace-up sandals signal deep-rooted respect for the richness of our continent and the diversity of a home-grown aesthetic in our beautiful country.

What would you like to share about the future of fashion, the way we dress and consumption at large?

Shopping habits will change and hopefully consumers will be more conscious of what they buy. A shift in spending is forecast, with more of a focus on investment items, skincare, supplements and fitness as the quest for wellness in general becomes our priority. On a personal note, I wish for a fashion future with a made-to-last economy and for fashion to return to the very essence of its beauty – an expression of creativity and individuality.