Celebrating GraySwan’s 12-year legacy of constructing purpose-led long-term investment solutions

Founded by Chief Executive Officer, Duncan Theron, and his business partners, Tania Theron and Gregoire Theron, GraySwan’s roots as a boutique advisory and wealth management business are inspired by our daily ethos: To pro-actively manage risk with the purpose of minimising adverse market impacts on our clients’ investment portfolios.

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As such, we believe that the essence of sound investment management is to consistently examine and decipher uncertainty, and that this approach is fundamental to achieve superior long-term risk adjusted performance.

“Black Swan” events are random and unexpected occurrences that cannot be predicted, and which have material and adverse consequences on any investment portfolio. “Gray Swans”, as we coined the term and named our business 12 years ago, are those risks which may have unintended outcomes for investors, but which can be identified, understood, and avoided.

With a collective investment experience spanning over 100 years, our team has built an impressive portfolio, advising to a select group of high profile institutional and corporate clients, as well as high net-worth individuals and family office investors. Grounded in objectivity, transparency, and our strong conviction, driven by our proprietary research, we provide measurable value-add investment advisory and wealth management services to clients at both lower risk and lower cost than our peers.

While we tailor our advice to every client, we also offer a range of Fund of Fund solutions specifically constructed and managed for high net-worth individuals and family office investors. Profiled as either low, moderate, or high-risk – these risk profiled solutions are actively managed, multi-asset class and multi-manager solutions.

In May 2022, we launched the newest addition to the GraySwan range of Funds: the World Wide Flexible Fund. This new opportunity is an expression of our best ideas and offers us full flexibility to invest globally and without constraint, across a range of asset classes. By thinking differently and through the noise, we ensure that our portfolios are superior performers. As such, our clients Sleep Well At Night (SWAN) whilst we burn the midnight oil looking after their investments.

Thus, with GraySwan as your strategic long-term investment thinking partner, we enable your aspirations to take flight and provide you freedom: The freedom to generate wealth and ensure the security of future generations; the freedom to explore and enjoy life; to influence and be a part of global change; to give back to the world – and most importantly, the freedom to leave a legacy and fly.