Brand-new look for 20-year-old KWV XXO potstill brandy

The KWV XXO 20 potstill brandy has been given an exciting new look, unifying contemporary elegance, craftsmanship and, of course, excellence. Partly due to revised global classifications and requirements for brandies and cognacs, the facelift includes a bold new XXO designation on the front of the bottle.

Pictures courtesy of KWV

Recently revised classifications for brandies and cognacs now include a new XXO designation for golden liquids aged 14 years or older. Previously, drinks older than 10 years were designated as XO only. In celebration of its new XXO status, KWV XXO 20’s refreshed design brings added emphasis to the artistry that has defined KWV brandy since the 1920s, as well as the company’s reputation as producer of the world’s best brandy.

New look, new bottle

Housed in a copper red gift box boasting gold accents, the new decanter-like bottle employs a multifaceted design to emphasise the brandy’s stature. The sophisticated new look also serves to embody what KWV XXO 20 stands for – honouring true craftsmanship and attention to detail. KWV XXO 20 is crafted from the finest quality grapes and batch-distilled in copper potstills. The spirit is then matured in small French oak barrels.

Decades later, the master distiller’s craft comes to life when the KWV XXO 20 is finally ready to be blended to perfection – by taste – to create the consistent flavour profile KWV XXO 20 is renowned for. The result? Well-integrated characters that, according to KWV master distiller Pieter de Bod, are reminiscent of fruit cake, sweet spice, oak wood and honey, followed by a satin-smooth, lingering finish.


In high regard

KWV XXO 20 is revered by independent connoisseurs the world over with a plethora of accolades in its wake. At the World Brandy Awards in 2019 the liquid was awarded Category Winner while the distillery laid claim to the title of Best Brandy Producer in the World for a staggering fifth consecutive year between the International Spirits Challenge and International Wine & Spirit Competition. More recently, the KWV XXO 20 just brought home Gold from the 2021 World Spirits Awards.

KWV XXO 20 is available from all major retailers and the KWV Emporium at R1,699 (RRP).