Best benefits for employees

We all know that having the best employees on your team can make or break the success of your business. A tailored solution for employee benefits can help you attract and retain the best staff, setting you on the course for future success. 

The experienced team of specialists at PSG Wealth R21 can help you tailor the right employee benefits package for your business and because they believe in a holistic approach, they also offer wealth management services to meet the needs of your individual team members. PSG Wealth R21 has been recognised as PSG’s top employee benefits practice for nine years and has had the top wealth adviser in the team for the past two years. When you side with PSG Wealth R21, you can be sure you will be getting some of the soundest advice the industry has to offer.

What exactly are employee benefits?

PSG Wealth R21 provides companies and employer groups with the guidance they need when it comes to selecting the right retirement funds, group risk benefits, medical scheme or healthcare solutions (or a combination of these) for their staff. This may sound easy, but when you consider that many companies include both highly trained executives and clerical staff or blue-collar workers, it becomes clear expert guidance is needed. Because every company is different, they design unique solutions for each one.

Building true wealth takes special care

PSG Wealth R21 provides a specialist wealth planning team that is highly skilled and includes some of the best qualified consultants in the business. The team will advise your staff on how best to invest successfully while ensuring they are protected against life’s uncertainties, giving them the one-on-one care they deserve.

A uniquely holistic offering

PSG Wealth R21’s end-to-end offering aims for a bigger-picture solution and includes:

• Comprehensive investment solutions for retirement funds that provide advice from trustee/management level to member level.

•  Integrated group life and disability benefits, with additional solutions for individuals.

•  Integrated healthcare solutions, from low-cost options to all-inclusive solutions for every employee in your business.

•  Comprehensive estate planning and fiduciary services.

•  Local and offshore trusts.

•  Bespoke investment solutions with the largest fund managers in South Africa as well as globally.

•  Fully integrated reporting tools to empower the business and members of schemes.

If you’re ready to make the leap to excellence, get in touch with the team at PSG Wealth R21. This will now be even easier, as PSG Wealth R21 has just opened a new office in Stellenbosch (in addition to its office in Pretoria) as part of its commitment to provide service excellence to clients across the country.

For more information contact Nerine Brink, Principal at PSG Wealth R21 Employee Benefits.

Phone Nerine at 086 166 2346 or visit the Stellenbosch office in Moore Building, Unit 2, 24 Techno Road, Technopark.

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