ARC celebrates ageless beauty with GUERLAIN and style icon Jackie Burger

ARC, South Africa’s latest beauty destination, recently teamed up with skincare and perfume giant GUERLAIN in celebration of individuality, uniqueness and ageless beauty. Style icon and guest speaker Jackie Burger shared her thoughts on the theme of beauty during a salonnière dinner at Franschhoek estate Haute Cabrière.

As the sun set over Haute Cabrière and the Franschhoek valley, Stellenbosch Visio sat down with Jackie to find out more about brands with resilience, the process of aging and “allowing our essence to manifest and shine”.

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Tell us about your beauty journey – from fashion icon to a more personal celebration of style and beauty after your recent relocation to Prince Albert in the Klein Karoo.

For me, the very essence of beauty is aligned to our personal sense of well-being and staying true to choices – albeit challenging at the time – that will afford us personal growth and the freedom of self-expression. The world of beauty and style was and will always be my canvas of expression, regardless of where I find myself. I believe that my sense of adventure maps opportunities of continued reinvention grounded in my core values of sustainability, authenticity and wonder.

Brands with resilience… What does this mean to you?

It is the simple equation of quality over quantity. The onus is on us, the consumer, to be a conscious shopper and not to buy mindlessly, but to hone our personal beauty regime based on a keen understanding of products best suited to our needs and personal value system. Committing to a personal sustainable beauty routine that delivers on skin restoration and a healthy maintenance without chasing the ever-elusive promise of youth and perfection. The value of resilience is contained in our personal expectation of what it really means to be beautiful coupled with the integrity of brands and their ethos of longevity and wellness.

During the process of aging, “keeping the glow” is a theme close to your heart. What do you mean by that?

It is essentially about acceptance, grace and allowing our essence to manifest and shine – the inner glow that signals confidence. In the words of Coco Chanel: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Over millennia, beauty encapsulated many a facade. Where do you see beauty in 2022?

I am so excited about the times we are living in; one of redefining the staid definitions of beauty and liberating us to see real beauty instead of being dictated to. Understanding that beauty comprises many facets such as emotions, uniqueness, eccentricity, individuality, and once we begin to redefine the context of beauty and learn to discover the innate beauty of all, we embrace the powerful freedom of self-love and self-care. A reciprocal outlook that heals judgement and redefines beauty at large.

Why do you gravitate towards a brand like GUERLAIN?

I have immense respect for visionary brands that pioneer innovation whilst staying true to their heritage and principles – the perfect premise of sustainability grounded in legacy and core values, ensuring quality and longevity. There is no arrogance or empty promises, just the intelligence of a grounded understanding of what luxury should really signify.

If you could give beauty advice to your younger self, what would it be?

To see myself and not to be intimidated by the so-called idealised version of ourselves we carry in our heads. Luckily, the wisdom of maturity brings healing.

Complete the sentence: Ageless beauty is…

An attitude that will serve you well.

What makes ARC different from other beauty stores?

The inclusivity – rewriting the very definition of beauty to transform perceptions of what it is to be beautiful. The ARC narrative is all-inclusive and showcases beauty in all its many guises across age, gender, race, expression: a value-driven beauty disposition that embraces wellness of being as a core attribute.

How do you identify with ARC’s belief that “the world would be a more beautiful place if we embraced uniqueness and celebrated individuality”?

A mantra that I always practised and now a powerful affirmation for all to embrace.

About ARC

ARC was founded in 2020 with its aim to create a one-of-a-kind world of discovery that was more than just a beauty destination. Visit your nearest ARC store in Sandton City (Johannesburg), Menlyn (Pretoria), V&A Waterfront (Cape Town) or Tyger Valley (Cape Town). Or shop online at www.arcstore.co.za for a myriad of brands, including GUERLAIN.