Stellenbosch Visio Publisher Wins Multiple Awards

Tip Africa Publishing, the creative agency behind Stellenbosch Visio, emerged as a standout winner at the prestigious South African Publication Forum (SAPF) Awards. The awards showcase the best in the publishing industry, and Tip Africa’s achievements highlight its commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality content. 

This year the company scooped the overall prize for Publication of the Year while both the publications entered also won their individual categories. In addition, Tip Africa Publishing was recognised for excellence in writing, communication, design and photography.

Award-winning magazine for two years running

For the second consecutive year, Stellenbosch Visio magazine is a winner, earning the title of Consumer Publication of the Year at the SAPF Awards. This accolade honours the magazine’s ability to captivate and engage readers. 

“With Stellenbosch Visio, Tip Africa has succeeded in taking one of our country’s most beautiful towns and regions, putting what it has to offer into a shiny white box, and elegantly tying it up with a satin ribbon and perhaps a vine leaf on the side,” the SAPF judges stated. 

The judges, who described the magazine’s articles as compelling and inspiring, appreciated the broad spectrum of its covered topics, such as culture, art, food and wine, nature, people, community, beauty, fashion, and adventure. 

“The publication serves as an excellent example of how the consistent use of layout elements can unify a magazine into a visual masterpiece,” the SAPF added. “Stellenbosch Visio is a quality publication and a joy to read from start to finish!”

Francé Beyers, editor of Stellenbosch Visio, radiates pride for the publication and the team behind it. “I am so proud to be part of this passionate and exceptionally talented team and thankful for the recognition of our efforts,” she said.

Double honours for book on Stellenbosch Wine Routes

Proving their literary and artistic abilities, Tip Africa Publishing’s exceptional work on the Stellenbosch Wine Routes book garnered widespread acclaim at the SAPF Awards. Stellenbosch: The wine. The people. The stories won the overall Publication of the Year as well as One-Off Publication of the Year.

The book is an irresistible invitation to the varied experiences and superb wines discoverable along the Stellenbosch Wine Routes. According to the SAPF judges, it conveys “great passion and love for the area and its people, the effort and vision that have made [the Stellenbosch Wine Routes] into what it is.”

“The writing is excellent. From the opening paragraphs onward, it is clear and concise. Impeccable editing and proofreading, no mean feat over a document of such length and variety,” state the SAPF judges, who also showed appreciation for the book’s design and visual elements.  “The spreads combine beautiful photography with balanced typographic perfection,” they said. “Quite frankly, it forces you to open a bottle of wine.”

“For almost a decade now, we have told stories of the Winelands in our quarterly magazine, Stellenbosch Visio. To shine a light on the region’s remarkable people, places and wine in a coffee-table book was a wonderful opportunity,” says Igna Schneider, editorial director at Tip Africa. She describes the company as a boutique publishing house with a small but incredibly dedicated team, adding she had the good fortune to work with the best creative minds. 

As Tip Africa continues to set new standards for excellence in content, design, and communication, the publishing house reaffirms its commitment to delivering top-tier publications that leave a lasting impact on readers and the publishing industry at large.

Full list of awards

Stellenbosch Visio

  • Consumer Publication of the Year
  • Best headline finalist
  • Best cover finalist
  • Certificate of Excellence in writing
  • Certificate of Excellence in communication
  • Certificate of Excellence in design and photography

Stellenbosch: The wine. The people. The stories

  • Publication of the Year
  • One-off Publication of the Year
  • Best Headline Winner
  • Certificate of Excellence in writing
  • Certificate of Excellence in communication
  • Certificate of Excellence in design and photography