But first, iced coffee in the heart of Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is positively booming with coffee shops around every corner, side street or unassuming alley. But no matter the weather or time of day, an iced coffee served in the City of Oaks never goes out of style – whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just looking for a tasty way to cool down. We take a dive into Stellenbosch’s iced coffee offerings.

La Coco C Food Purveyors


With every item on their menu being as good for the body as it is for the taste buds, La Coco C Food Purveyors on Plein Street offers iced coffee options that are delicious and healthy.

La Coco C’s iced coffee is made with a special espresso powder and blended up with ice and milk to create a creamy glass of caffeinated sensation. Striving to offer the healthier alternative in town, their iced coffee is sugar-free and can be made with almond milk, macadamia milk or oat milk on request. Additionally, La Coco C’s iced coffee menu also includes a protein iced coffee, made with espresso powder, milk and Metalab protein.

Plato Coffee

Picture by Megan Shone

Stellenbosch influencer thestellenboschmom.com proudly proclaims the newly opened Plato Coffee as her go-to iced coffee spot. 

Located inside beauty and hair salon Revel Self-Care Salon, situated on 15 Krige Road, Plato Coffee is the finishing touch to spoiling yourself. Expect an amazing combination of a beautiful space and delicious coffee. The options at Plato are endless, varying between different offerings of an iced latte and coffee freezo, made with crushed ice and powder-based coffee instead of espresso. However, @thestellenboschmom suggests you order the Iced Latte ­— with an extra shot of espresso. 

For the days you’re craving something extra, you can add a flavoured syrup to your order. These include salted caramel, caramel, vanilla and hazelnut — a rejuvenating coffee and wellness boost.

Sofia Eatery


New in town and located on Church Street, Sofia Eatery paid great attention to the iced coffee options included on their menu. They believe it to be an essential drink for the people of Stellenbosch. We couldn’t agree more!

Sofia Eatery’s traditional, number one iced coffee option is made with their freshly ground coffee beans and alternative milk options. To make their cold coffee offerings more interesting, the aesthetic café’s menu includes an iced matcha and an iced rooibos latte with pure local honey.

Putting a fresh spin on popular warm drinks, Sofia Eatery also offers iced chai and iced mocha lattes — allowing the flavours of winter to be enjoyed year-round. 

Basic Bistro


Basic Bistro’s “basic iced coffee” is anything but basic. Made with double espresso, cold milk, ice cubes and a scoop of Milo powder, this cold coffee drink is bound to make any coffee-lover smile.

Stellenbosch food influencer @kosvraat considers Basic Bistro’s iced coffee her favourite offering in town, due to its affordability, taste and size. She encourages visitors to enjoy the drink with a slice of Basic Bistro’s renowned chocolate and espresso cake: “In that moment, your heart will be at its happiest.”

Located on Church Street and standing proud with its French-styled red furnishings, this gem is one you won’t miss.  

Legado Coffee


Legado Coffee on Andringa Street offers a small range of blends and single-origin coffees, satisfying preferences across the roasting spectrum. 

While their signature blend is the Journeyman, Legado Coffee is in the process of testing and tasting new blends for their menu. As they indulge in the new and different, Legado Coffee will be launching frappuccino offerings this month. The launch will start off with flavours of strawberry and chocolate, while also including original iced coffees.

Legado Coffee’s iced coffee offerings can be enjoyed in their beautiful green-inspired shop, or order your favourite as a takeaway.