Rayvolt: join the Rayvolution

Harnessing the ever-growing trend towards e-bikes as a means of transportation, sports and pure recreational enjoyment, Rayvolt South Africa introduced two e-bike models to the local market during the course of 2019: namely the Rayvolt Cruzer and the Rayvolt Torino.

The epitome of stylish Spanish design, the Rayvolt Cruzer e-bike is the company’s flagship model. Its iconic design was influenced by the motorcycle heyday of the 1960s, and inspired by bikes such as the legendary Café Racer and the California Beach Cruiser.

The Rayvolt Torino has a sporty design and is more ergonomic and geometrical than conventional bikes. With sleek wide tyres, a compact profile and a low centre of gravity, the Torino is a high-performing speedster, perfect for modern living in urban spaces. Its strong profile with hump-backed tubing is reminiscent of the shape of a young bull, or ‘taurus’ in Latin.

Two further models, the Rayvolt Beachin’ adventure bike, ideal for sand and dirt roads, and the Rayvolt Ambassador, a stylish and truly elegant bike with a distinct neoclassical design, will be launched in South Africa over the next few months.

The two most distinctive qualities of any Rayvolt bike are uncompromisingly state-of-the-art technology and top-notch design features. The hubs are a very complex brushless three-phase dc motor comprising of 48 different copper coils and magnets that are placed on the outermost perimeter of the motor for the best possible torque. The built-in controller receives heat and position data from the coils and within one millisecond computes where to put the next load. Such accuracy produces a Pure Sine Wave (PSW) current, offering unmatched riding comfort with more acceleration, response and torque, and a whole lot less noise, vibration and consumption.

Rayvolt’s batteries offer an unmatched capacity of 550Wh and 1100Wh. As battery quality is linked to the cells used and also the way it is packed, Rayvolt uses an innovative battery management system, where each cell is connected to it before delivering the charge. This high-tech design balances the charge between each individual cell and can cut the connection in case of a short circuit. This ensures the best possible performance while making the battery safer.

Other technology features include an intelligent regenerative brake system, fitted into the brake levers, which sends a data signal to the motor controller to provoke a reverse effect in the motor. This converts torque into resistance using the wheel inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries. It also has an intelligent pedal assist system enabling the motor to proportionally respond to the pressure put on the crankset by the cyclist.

Another exclusive is EIVA, acronym for Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant,  Rayvolt’s proprietary software to control, customise and monitor Rayvolt bikes. 

The first Rayvolt Concept store opened at 16 Jarvis Street, right in the heart of Cape Town’s De Waterkant precinct in Green Point during August this year. With friendly staff and good refreshments on offer, the Rayvolt bikes can be experienced in a relaxed atmosphere. In a move to make Rayvolt e-bikes affordable to more people, Rayvolt South Africa has teamed up with Yonda bike finance, offering monthly instalment options.

Rayvolt is currently rolling out national and regional dealerships in order to serve the growing demand. Details can be found online at rayvoltbike.co.za and on follow @ridetherayvolution on social media.

A disruptor ahead of its time, Rayvolt combines the latest green technology with a good dose of wow factor! A Rayvolt bike is sure to turn heads and spark conversations with strangers.

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