The creativity is infectious

You would expect to find the Cape Town Creative Academy here: up in the silo at the Old Biscuit Mill, overlooking Woodstock with its slew of galleries and creative agencies. The buzz is almost tangible. And it increases in volume as you enter the airy studios that double as the lecture rooms of this vibrant and progressive academy.

Creative flair is your ticket to the academy, where the talent of
tomorrow is nurtured in small classes under the expert guidance of superb lecturers.

If you are keen to thrive in today’s fast-changing creative landscape and are committed to contributing to society in a meaningful way, the academy is where you will hone your skills. This is where you will also be given the confidence, the tools and the understanding to tackle the complexities of the information age.

The academy offers four acclaimed and accredited degrees. Three of the degrees are based on a foundation year to expose students to different areas of study before they elect to specialise in Communication, Motion or Interaction Design.

The programmes are developed in consultation with, and with input from, the South African creative industry. Final-year students take part in an internship programme to give them invaluable real-world expe­rience as they embark on their careers.

The academy has developed its own educational model, which combines five frameworks of creative tertiary education to cultivate highly sought-after graduates. This model integrates the educational approaches of traditional universities, independent art schools, technical colleges and business schools with internship training to ensure graduates leave with high levels of proficiency, professionalism and employability. 

The aims of the academy are to foster critical thinking in students and to help them develop a diverse skill set and exceptional craftsmanship. Courses in business management and entrepreneurial ability combine with the internship programme to prepare students for a professional career by providing real-world experience opportunities.


BA Communication Design This degree draws on a wide range of creative and conceptual thinking methods and multimedia design techniques. Students will graduate with an industry-ready graphic design portfolio for careers in brand development, information design, packaging design, publication design, illustration and photography. 

BA Motion Design This course teaches the principles of storytelling in conjunction with a variety of technical skills to deliver audiovisual content. Graduates may find employment in motion graphics and 3D animation for film and television, moving media creation for corporates or commercials, special effects for film, architectural visualisation, or virtual reality and augmented reality production.

BA Interaction Design By the end of this course, students will be able to conceptualise, strategise, design, prototype test and implement websites and apps for desktop and mobile devices; they will be skilled in user-experience and user-interface design; and they will be qualified as front-end designers/developers.

BA Contemporary Art Developed and presented by practising art world professionals, this one-of-a-kind programme strikes a balance between practice-based learning, theory and critical thinking. Graduates may find career paths as artists, curators, art critics, journalists, art consultants, buyers or stylists.

For more information, call 021 201 1150, email info@ctca.co.za or go to www.ctca.co.za.