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Team Dr Joseph: The beauty of a serum

Serums are characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients and a light texture which allows them to be ideally absorbed by the skin. The experts at organic skincare brand Team Dr Joseph explains.

The science of skin care

We all like some luxury in our lives and there’s no better way to find it than in looking after our skin, says Stellenbosch Visio beauty editor, ELSA KRÜGER. Especially when it has a sound base in science.

Want to glow with collagen?

QMS Medicosmetics SA presents a brand-new Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream, a high-performing moisturiser formulated to restore skin that is missing vital nutrients due to hormonal changes. A decline of estrogen can impact the skin’s glow, firmness and vitality, but with the new Collagen Recovery Cream, QMS has carefully selected ingredients that help stimulate skin regeneration and replenish nutrients that may be lost.