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Old Mutual Wealth: Time does tell

Meticulous planning and a good grasp of prevailing circumstances, coupled with experience, knowledge, diligence and patience, are just some of the elements that eventually culminate in an award-winning wine. As Marana Brand discovers, the same goes for investments.

Old Mutual Wealth: A new era in vaccinology

In the race to gain control over Covid-19, pharmaceutical companies came to the fore. And now, since their rapid development of safe and effective vaccines, the world is at their feet, says Andrew Dittberner of Old Mutual Wealth.

Who’s brave enough to walk the path?

The path to reimagining the future has already been plotted, says FARHAD SADER, MD of Old Mutual Wealth, and he’s confident that young South Africans, with the right support, are willing to follow it.

An ideal time to consider offshore wealth creation

Contrary to expectations, the net wealth of some households increased massively following the initial sharp downturn caused by the first Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa. And with similar positive trends being seen across the world, now is the time to look offshore for growth opportunities, with guidance from Old Mutual Wealth’s expert advisers.

Invest offshore with Old Mutual Wealth

At Old Mutual Wealth, we ensure that you have a well-diversified portfolio that includes offshore exposure, giving you access to various growth opportunities across regions, sectors and economies.