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The architecture of trees with Dave Pepler

Stellenbosch’s trees, says Dave Pepler, are the town’s cathedrals, constructed on the same principles as any building of stone. And they have the same capacity to give character to a landscape.

Autumn is for earthing

For DAVE PEPLER, this gentle season between summer and winter is the time to harness the power of fallen leaves and re-establish the connection between humans and the source of life.

Dave Pepler: Ssh! Come into my secret garden

Gardens link us to the Earth – they literally ground us – be they the hidden, private ones that evoke sensual memories for Dave Pepler, or the public ones that provide an invaluable service to locals and visitors alike.

The gaze of a gorilla

For Dave Pepler, an encounter with a mountain gorilla in Uganda reaches deep into the core of his being and even more so when a gorilla turns the tables and seeks out an encounter with him.