Cedarberg Aqua: summer essentials

Made with this pure mineral water, Cedarberg Aqua launched its very-appealing range of all-natural Tonic Water in 5 delicious flavours- original and sugar-free.

The Classic tonic is made from mineral water, natural tonic (made from juniper berries), blood orange and quinine: all-natural ingredients making this a pure 100% natural product.

Cedarberg Aqua’s mineral water, and now Tonic Water, originates from the pristine, untouched peaks and slopes of an awe-inspiring mountain, and flows down through layers of Cape Sandstone – nature’s own superior filter.

The Rose tonic has the same ingredients as the Classic tonic, but is lightly flavoured with fragrant rose and is also great as a mixer or on its own.

The Tonic Waters are packaged in 200ml 100% recyclable PET bottles with similar size specifications as their canned congruents giving you the same pouring experience.

The Blueberry tonic has the same ingredients as the Classic tonic, but is lightly flavoured with fruity blueberry and offers pure refreshment as a mixer or on its own.

Their sugar-free range has proven to be very successful due to its health benefits and the fact that it has no aftertaste as typical sugar-free products have.

About Cedarberg Aqua

Cedarberg Aqua is the brainchild of Lieben Van Der Merwe, one of the well-known Van Der Merwe brothers from Citrusdal. Lieben was semi-retired when he ventured into the natural water business back in 2002 as a result of his own market and consumer research.

He travelled throughout South Africa and observed buying patterns of consumers who stop at service stations along the country’s roads. Ironically, it was an experience in a roadside farm stall near Marienthal in Namibia where he finally made up his mind to develop the rich natural water resource of Kleinswartvlei farm into a thriving business.

Recently, daughter Esmari Schoonwinkel took over the reins, and known for her fine taste and style it was no surprise that a new, beautifully packaged and well designed Cedarberg Aqua baby was born.

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