Going Solo

Solo Studios occupy a singular place in annual art calendar – a unique opportunity to experience art in the various artist studios set against the backdrop of the beautiful Riebeek Valley. This year’s event, taking place 9-11 August, also features a host of interesting peripheral events ranging from cinema, food and wine, music and poetry experiences. We share some of the highlights.

Vintage Cinema & Wine Pairing

In a world where AI and virtual reality has the power to instantly transport one to a confounding array of places, emotions, and ideas; we’re slowing down to a time where the ‘moving pictures’ had this same transformative power through the art and craft of human curiosity.

Riaan van Zyl has been captivated by the movement created in the layering of images for a number of years. Through his passion for playing (experimenting) with moving pictures, he met Marco Pellis, a true disciple of film in its most authentic form. Marco has arguably the largest collection of rare, vintage, original films that he lovingly restores, preserves and on the rare occasion shares with audiences.

The Vintage Cinema & Wine Pairing features a curated showing by Marco Pellis of four short original, vintage films exhibited on a museum piece film projector; perfectly paired with a four-course finger-style menu & hand-crafted wines by Leeuwenkuil Family Vineyards.

Date: Saturday, 10 August
Time: 18h00
Location: Riaan van Zyl Studio
Entry fee: R575 per person
Bookings: antonio@solostudios.co.za

The Moon Looks Delicious from Here

Winner of the Special Jury Award at the Bitesize Theatre Festival, in London, this work presented by Aldo Brincat explores notions of identity, heritage, and commemoration. Brincat is a self-styled multidisciplinary artist and enjoys a range of art making processes from photography, drawing, and sculpture, to site specific installation, theatre, and land art.

Date: Friday, 9 August and Saturday, 10 August
Time: 17h00
Location: Die Kunshuis
Entry fee: R250
Bookings: Click here for more information

Winelands Orchestra

In a symphonic celebration that bridges generations and genres, the Winelands Philharmonic Orchestra joins forces with the renowned Riebeek Kasteel Steelband for an evening of musical splendour. Witness the convergence of classical elegance and Caribbean rhythms as these two musical powerhouses unite to deliver an extraordinary experience.

The Winelands Philharmonic Orchestra will perform a concert featuring internationally renowned South African violinist Eriel Huang. Works to be performed include Saint-Saëns’ Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso in A minor, with Huang as guest soloist; Copeland’s Appalachian Spring, originally composed for the Martha Graham ballet in 1945; and Arturo Márquez’s “Danzón No. 2,” a piece that diverges from modernist tendencies and draws inspiration from the composer’s painter and dancer friends. With the orchestra also collaborating with the Riebeek Valley Steelband, the concert aims to celebrate the richness of our local talent and the vibrant landscape of the Riebeek Valley.

Date: Sunday, 11 August
Time: 15h00 – 17h30
Location: NG Church
Entry: R250 per person (Seating limited to 395)
Bookings: Click here for more information

Wren Hinds

Fresh off the heels of two sold-out UK shows in London & Brighton, singer-songwriter Wren Hinds will bring his acclaimed performance to this year’s instalment of Solo Studios, a festival of intimate art encounters taking place in the vibrant artistic village of Riebeek Kasteel.

Date: Friday, 9 & Saturday, 10 August
Time: 19h00
Location: La Parrilla,
Entry: Free – subject to available tables
Bookings: To book a table contact +27 22 448 1088 or email laparrilla.riebeek@gmail.com


The much-anticipated performance of Afrikaans poetry from Rudolph Willemse’s third volume, Swartland will feature renowned actor Marcel van Heerden and internationally acclaimed bassist, composer, and producer Schalk Joubert. Swartland is more than just a region; it symbolises the broader world and the poet’s inner landscape. This compelling narrative explores themes of love, vulnerability, and adaptation amidst the backdrop of load shedding, crime, and corruption. Despite the darkness, the performance is infused with humour, irony, and satire, making for a deeply moving and thought-provoking experience.

Date: Friday, 9 August @ 17h00 & Saturday, 10 August @ 19h30
Location: The Royal Hotel
Entry fee: R150
Booking: Click here to book.

The Royal Hotel

Step back in time with a Dutch Indonesian Rijsttafel, including 15 dishes presented in three parts presented by Kamar Biru at the lovely Royal Hotel.

Dates: Thursday, 8, Friday, 9, Saturday,10 August
Time: 19h00 to 21h30
Location: The Royal Hotel
Entry fee: R495 per person
Bookings: antonio@solostudios.co.za


Enjoy a memorable evening at The Night of Long Tables Embracing the theme “Fruits of Your Labour,” which beautifully translates their name, Arbeidsgenot will present an exquisite dining experience featuring Boere Fusion Cuisine. This unique culinary journey celebrates the rich flavors and traditions of South African fare, creatively reimagined for a contemporary palate. Join us for an evening of community, culture, and culinary delight in the heart of Solo Studios. The menu is also having 5 wines that would be paired with the food, Arbeidsgenot wines, as well as a welcome drink on arrival.

Date: Friday, 9 August
Time: 19h00 to 21h30
Location: Arbeidsgenot
Price: R655 per person
Bookings: antonio@solostudios.co.za

More information

Solo Studios takes place 9-11 August in the Riebeek Valley, just an hour’s drive from Cape Town. Click here for a list of events and to buy tickets. With so much to do, its worth staying over – here are some accommodation options.