Shany van den Berg on the clothes we wear

Steered by the Zeitgeist notion that COVID-129 might have changed the way we dress forever, we chat to Stellenbosch artist Shany van den Berg on the essence of style and embracing simplicity with creativity and authenticity.

Has COVID-19 changed the way you dress? 

Not really. I’m used to working in isolation and sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s challenging. My studio space is part of my apartment and my routine is to dress for my workspace: some days minimalistic and at other times with an edge. It’s a ritual to help me get into my vibe for the day.

What are you wearing today and what made you choose this particular outfit?

One of my favourite go-to outfits, with a nostalgic nod to schooldays under the Langeberg: a vintage Roccobarocco striped blazer with gold buttons and badge, high-waisted Golden Goose Deluxe jeans, a white T-shirt with vintage Gianni Versace tie, and Gucci sandals (a great find in a stylish second-hand shop in Paris) with a tiger design for the roar of energy. I finish it off with a Nic Bladen botanical midi ring and my Lilith handbag, which resembles one of my mother’s favourites.

What would you like to share about the future of fashion, the way we dress and consumption at large?

For me, the future of fashion is about embracing simplicity with creativity and authenticity; collecting quality pieces to keep building onto; keeping consumerism to the minimum and recycling – in my case, with my four children or with close friends; and loving each garment with respect for its designer and humility for Mother Earth.