Vilafonté Series C 2020: A most wanted wine

Vilafonté Series C 2020. The storied estate enjoys a growing reputation for producing collectable wines and the new vintage bears the early hallmarks of a future classic.

Uncertainty was at an all-time high in early 2020 with disruptions looming on the horizon. Vilafonté remained focused on the outcome, rather than the challenges themselves and was lucky enough to finish harvest; grateful to safely bed down all their wines to barrel prior to complete lockdown. While no-one expected the global outbreak of a pandemic, or the far-reaching ramifications thereof, team Vilafonté remained determined and positive, moving forward to express the intrinsic quality of the vintage.

The Series C tasting notes highlights the poise, concentration and a restrained potency of the 2020 vintage.

The Vilafonté reputation has been built on wines with the propensity to age gracefully and quietly appreciate in quality and value. Realising a focussed vision requires a deep visceral connection with their unique vilafontes soil and a determined commitment to the future, much greater than that of just one individual, or even one lifetime.

Series C 2020 is available online through the Vilafonté website.

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