Have you tried QMS Medicosmetics’ latest and innovative collagen products?

QMS Medicosmetics‘ advanced collagen serums are considered some of the most iconic innovations in the beauty sector. Using the highest grade skin-identical collagen for ultimate results, QMS’ collagen improves moisture by 245% after just eight weeks.


QMS uses a patented and exclusive delivery system and Neotec A15® technology to reintroduce collagen into the skin and replace lost collagen. The unique collagen hyaluronic acid complex allows for instant and long-term results and has been clinically proven to deliver the following results:

• Outstanding moisturising effect
• Improvement in skin smoothness and elasticity
• Skin renewal support
• Strengthening of the skin’s protective barrier
• Wrinkle reduction
• Reduction of the overall signs of ageing

The innovative ingredient complex can be found in two of QMS’ new collagen products:

Collagen Concentrate 7-days System


Every skin needs an extra energy boost from time to time. The Collagen Concentrate 7-days System is the optimal addition. This highly concentrated collagen product provides instant visible results. Highly recommended for dry skin with flaking and more demanding ageing needs.

How it works: It contains double the concentration of Neotec A15® that intensively plumps and moisturises the skin. This special combination evens out fine lines, provides deep-acting moisture, plumps up the skin from the inside and gives it new energy. The skin is revitalised, refreshed, strengthened, lines are plumped, tone is more even, texture is velvet and soft, and looks fresh and rosy.

How to apply: Apply ½ of the 3ml concentrate bottle to cleansed face in the morning and evening, ideally after QMS’ Gentle Exfoliant Lotion or Active Exfoliant Fluid. Then use the appropriate collagen serum and individual QMS skincare for eyes, face and neck.

Advanced Collagen Serum in Oil


This uniquely nourishing, intensive collagen serum in oil with a three-fold anti-ageing effect, combines the premium ingredients in a serum with the benefits of a facial oil. Facial oils are considered to be an elite of facial care and a skin booster for anti-ageing. The high-density active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin and penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. For dehydrated and dry skin, especially suitable for demanding and mature skin with hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

How it works: Strengthens the skin’s own hydrolipid layer and intensively moisturises the skin. Visibly slows the skin’s ageing process, plumps up the skin and reduces fine lines. Noticeably improves elasticity and tone. It contains a natural safe alternative to retinol – Bakuchiol. The benefits of Bakuchiol are the same as retinol, but without the side effects. It significantly decreases wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation and is also a potent antioxidant protecting the skin from environmental exposure.

How to apply: Apply to cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Ideally use after QMS’ Day or Night Collagen Serum in the morning and evening followed by your normal QMS routine.

Did you know?

Regardless of your skin type or condition, anyone from the age of 25 can benefit from collagen products. From the age of 25, collagen production starts to slow down and the first signs of ageing become visible. All signs of ageing are contributed to the loss of collagen: first signs such as fine lines and wrinkles, deeper stagnant lines and loss of elasticity.

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