Gift Guide: most desired

We’ve got you covered this festive season with more than 50 luxury items to give and to get in our holiday gift giude. All you need to do is choose the gift wrap.

There’s nothing like diamonds to bring a sparkle to the eye: multishape white diamond Solar earrings $34 000 (excluding VAT) from Graff Boutique at Delaire Graff Estate.


Let festive sparkle take on new meaning with Tom Dixon’s kinetic oil diffuser or a bronze banana sculpture by South African artist Sanell Aggenbach, for the golden age of Hollywood glamour shines on in this edit of on-trend metallic gifts. Fashion-forward accessories like a Kirsten Goss cuff and Missibaba earrings as well as Dolce & Gabbana’s newest eye colours will leave the missus looking fit for the silver screen.

Clockwise from top left: Kintsukuroi mug by Nicolson Russell in black, R299, Tasteful Living; Gold by Amouage, ladies 100ml eau de parfum, R5 440, Edgars; Oriental Leather by Memo, 75ml eau de parfum, R4 515, Skins Cosmetics; Mixed Step Chunky necklace, R4 990 with No Such Thing pendant, R920, both Kirsten Goss; tie design box, R680, Cécile & Boyd; Voyageur SLG ladies wallet, R3 699, Tumi; customisable hand-painted SpaceBar chocolates, R25 per bar, My Sugar; Soleil earrings, R690, Missibaba; Perfect Mono cream eye colours by Dolce & Gabbana, R595 each, Edgars; Single open edition bronze banana sculptures by Sanell Aggenbach, R5 175 each, WhatIfTheWorld; Good Morning Beautiful gilded brass cuff, R2 990, Kirsten Goss; Royalty cage diffuser by Tom Dixon, R3 220, Skins Cosmetics; Kintsukuroi teacup by Nicolson Russell in black, R289, Tasteful Living; stainless steel straws in gold by Nicolson Russell, R189 per set of four, Tasteful Living. Wallpapers: Background: Mamba by Anna French in grey on metallic silver, R2 981 per roll, St Leger & Viney; tabletop: Acantha by Zoffany in linen, R3 353 per roll, St Leger & Viney; behind diffuser and plinth top: Plume by Cole & Son, R2 339 per roll, St Leger & Viney; plinth base: Bengal by Thibaut in metallic silver, POR, St Leger & Viney; under bananas: Riva by Anna French in black, POR, St Leger & Viney.


A nautical gift has centre-stage in this blue and white array of summer gifting. From homeware to kitchenware, allow the crystalline forms of a Cape West Coast edible salt crystal and the coral-like protrusions on a Farah Hernandez vase or Mediterranean notes of an Acqua di Parma fragrance remind you of carefree summer days filled with sun, sand and sea.

Clockwise from top left: Pattern VI vase, R2 300, Farah Hernandez; marbled soft pot, R4 347, Lisa Firer; K by Dolce & Gabbana, 100ml eau de toilette, R1 615, Edgars; bunny pie funnel in Marseille, R190, Le Creuset; Peyote round box by Jonathan Adler, R1 205, Skins Cosmetics; Vicuna Spark sneaker in navy, R3 499, Duca Del Cosma; Bergamotto di Calabria – Blu Mediterraneo by Acqua di Parma, 150ml eau de toilette, R1 970, Foschini; Athens starter plate, by Nicolson Russell, R669 per set of four, Tasteful Living; footed ice cream bowl in Marseille, R310, Le Creuset; hand-harvested Cape West Coast edible salt crystal, R450 (including postage in SA), Cape Town Fynbos Experience; customisable hand-painted SpaceBar chocolates, R25 per bar, My Sugar.
Wallpapers: Background: Boa by Thibaut in navy, R3 291 per roll, St Leger & Viney; tabletop: Largo Weave by Thibaut in blue, R3 105 per roll, St Leger & Viney; plinth top: Rainwater by Thibaut in blue and turquoise, R3 105 per roll, St Leger & Viney; plinth base: Ming Trail by Thibaut in navy, R2 753 per roll, St Leger & Viney; triangle: Cremaillere by Christopher Farr in cobalt, R2 194 per metre, St Leger & Viney; shoe base: Midland by Thibault in navy, R3 105 per roll, St Leger & Viney.


Gifting in graphic black and white has never looked more urban and sophisticated than in this round-up of monochrome gifts. Vintage visuals – like a Fornasetti face and the Abstract Expressionist-like splatters that decorate Lisa Firer’s tapered vases or My Sugar’s chocolate Christmas tree ornaments – wink at artistic expression. For high-gloss polish opt for a Nicolson Russell cutlery set or Duca Del Cosma’s men’s sneakers.

Clockwise from top left: Large taper vase, R773, Lisa Firer; taper folded bud vase, R531.50, Lisa Firer; Explorer by Mont Blanc, 100ml eau de parfum, R1 395, Edgars; Taurus men’s leather belt in black, R599, Samsonite; Jung medicinal bottle in white, R985, La Grange Interiors; illustrated vase, R870, Farah Hernandez; pet bowl in black, R230, Le Creuset; Venice cutlery set by Nicolson Russell in black titanium, R1 799 per 24-piece set, Tasteful Living; black and white teacup, R79.99, and plate, R79.99, both H&M; Melrose sneaker in black and black crystal, R3 499, Duca Del Cosma; Le Redouté scented candle by Diptyque, R1 330, Labotessa; Silenzio scented candle by Fornasetti, R3 000, Skins Cosmetics; customisable hand-painted chocolate Christmas ornaments, R30 per ball, My Sugar.
Wallpapers: Background: Turini Dots by Thibaut in black, R3 478 per roll, St Leger & Viney; tabletop: Parada by Thibaut in cream, R3 478 per roll, St Leger & Viney; plinth top: Jules by Anna French in black on flax, R3 478 per roll, St Leger & Viney; plinth base: Stucco in ash, R1 219 per roll, Hertex; triangle: Petiole in monochrome, R1 380 per roll, Hertex; under cutlery: Donavin Diamond by Anna French in grey, R3 478 per roll, St Leger & Viney.


Gift smoke-like swirling patterns, rich amber colours, and the woody notes of Le Labo’s Santal 33 eau de parfum hint at a return to nature and the heady textures and tones of the earth. Let the ribbed forms and ash-like colouring of a La Grange Interiors vessel or the organic shapes and watery tones of H&M’s and Pezula Interiors’ serveware take centre stage on your festive table.

Clockwise from top left: Paola Navona for Serax fish carafe, R645, Pezula Interiors; Baya ribbed ceramic vessel, R750, La Grange Interiors; marbleised jasper onyx vase, R490, Cécile & Boyd; mother of pearl box, R250, Poetry; Karissa ladies wallet in army grey, R1 299, Samsonite; green bowl, R129, and green plate, R199, both H&M; ribbed amber vase, R149, H&M; Dragon’s Breath earrings, R750, Missibaba; Nassau SLG men’s card case, R1 899, Tumi; The One by Dolce & Gabbana, 150ml eau de toilette, R1 785, Edgars; Santal 33 by Le Labo, 50ml eau de parfum, R2 935, Skins Cosmetics.
Wallpapers: Background: Highline by Thibaut in grey, POR, St Leger & Viney; tabletop: Eastwood by Thibaut in grey, POR, St Leger & Viney; triangle: Rosette in amulette, R2 300 per roll, Hertex; under grey vase: Stucco in ash, R1 219 per roll, Hertex; behind round vase: Charlotte in moonstruck, R1 380 per roll, Hertex; under box: Plaster in pumice, R1 219 per roll, Hertex; under earrings: Monstera Island in sage, R1 840 per roll, Hertex.

STOCKISTS: Cape Town Fynbos Experience, info@capetownfynbosexperience.com; Cécile & Boyd, www.cecileandboyds.com; Duca Del Cosma, www.ducadelcosma.co.za; Edgars, www.edgars.co.za; Farah Hernandez, info@farahhernandez.co.za; Foschini, www.foschini.co.za; H&M, www.hm.com/ZA; Hertex, www.hertex.co.za; Kirsten Goss, www.kirstengoss.com; La Grange Interiors, www.lagrangeinteriors.co.za; Labotessa, www.labotessa.com; Le Creuset, www.lecreuset.co.za; Lisa Firer, info@lisafirer.co.za; Missibaba, www.missibaba.com; My Sugar, www.mysugar.co.za; Pezula Interiors, info@pezulainteriors.co.za; Poetry, www.poetrystores.co.za; Samsonite, www.samsonite.co.za; Skins Cosmetics, www.skins.co.za; St Leger & Viney, www.stleger.co.za; Tasteful Living, info@tastefulliving.co.za; Tumi, www.tumi.co.za; Whatiftheworld, www.whatiftheworld.com.

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