GraySwan: Megatrend investing is about shaping the future

Our planet is on fire. To limit the global temperature rise to 1.5oC, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions worldwide must be brought to net zero by 2050, says GraySwan.

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At GraySwan, we recognise that climate change is the world’s biggest risk. If no action is taken, it will disrupt the global economy. But it is not only a risk, it presents an investment opportunity.

“We dedicate significant time and effort to collecting data to anticipate superior investment opportunities as the world moves to a greener economy. Thorough and proprietary research is the foundation of every such investment opportunity. With access to global experts, and intense data-driven research, we construct insightful and unique thematic megatrend investment portfolios, whilst always managing risk over time,” says Duncan Theron, GraySwan CEO.

Our Commodities for Change portfolio, which forms part of our offshore megatrend thematic offering combines traditional commodities such as fossil fuels, industrial metals, precious metals and agricultural commodities, with those of the future such as metals used in clean energy generation and storage – copper, graphite, lithium and zinc to name a few.

Megatrends are the global forces that affect our futures and the trajectory of the world’s economy. These include climate change, technological disruption, healthcare innovation and urbanisation, among others – all of which can be harnessed for long-term wealth generation.

Current areas of attention within the Commodities for Change portfolio include power generation and energy storage, sustainable food, cannabis for medical purposes, and water. Our investment in traditional commodities is currently at 50% of the total portfolio, with greater investment emphasis on future commodities to offset the negative impacts associated with traditional commodities. As the world moves away from fossil fuels towards more sustainable commodities, so too will the portfolio’s focus.

Commodities have traditionally been a safe hedge against inflation, and this portfolio is no different. Consider an allocation to our Commodities or Change portfolio to further diversify your total investment portfolio.

Our forward-thinking offshore megatrend thematic portfolios enable our clients’ aspirations to take flight, giving them the freedom to generate wealth, to explore beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking and to be part of global change.

It is the freedom to shape the future.