Garden Studio Projects: Make your garden your office

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the way we live and work, says Patrick Veermeer, the architect and founder of Garden Studio Projects. “And going forward, many people will choose to continue working remotely. But in the present circumstances, everyone could do with some extra space to work, study or simply unwind. Garden Studio Projects provides the perfect solution to creating more space at home. The units are designed to look good and are built for comfort, they come in at a fraction of the cost of building an additional room and they bypass any need for a lengthy approval process with local authorities.”

Those in the market for a contemporary, architect-designed prefabricated garden studio can choose between four compact models that range from 4m2 to 8m2, are available in various striking finishes and are both thermally and acoustically comparable to studios built by conventional methods.

Best of all? All units are assembled on site in a matter of days. “On-site assembly offers numerous advantages; it keeps costs down and the unit can easily be positioned, even in a compact garden or backyard. The elegant studios are externally clad in timber or MagnaBoard® (a compressed magnesium board) and internally finished in furniture-grade birch or pine plywood.”

Optional extras such as matching desks, filing or storage pedestals and wall-mounted or floor-standing shelves are also available for clients opting for fully kitted versions.