Longridge: producing world-class wines the natural way

At Longridge, biodynamic farming methods are utilised to the fullest minimising the impact winemaking has on the environment. As industry leaders, Longridge’s vines, herbs and vegetables are free from chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers.

“We honour age-old organic traditions by looking down into the earth, making sure there are no harmful chemicals or toxins in the ancient granite soils or in the fresh mountain waters running down in cool underground aquafers from the Helderberg slopes. With the majestic Helderberg Mountain as backdrop, the cool maritime breezes from the Atlantic Ocean drift in as morning mist, ensuring our vineyards are enveloped in a cool blanket to protect them from the heat of the day,” explains Jasper Raats, Longridge cellar master and general manager.

No harmful pesticides or herbicides mean healthy, happy grape production resulting in award-winning wines. “We also use biodynamic practices looking up to the skies, using the phases of the moon to plant and harvest. Mother Nature is our partner: we use ducks, Nguni cattle, predator birds, snakes, ladybirds and more to ensure no harm is done to the vineyards and each vine is nourished naturally,” says Jasper. 

In the cellar, Longridge’s all-natural philosophy continues. “No added yeasts, enzymes or filtering are used in the cellar and concrete eggs, clay amphorae, and only the best selection of French oak barrels are used in the vinification and maturation process. We strive to mature our wines for at least a year or two before releasing them so that our esteemed customers can have the luxury of drinking wines that have spent some time in the bottle, without having to do so themselves, although most of our wines are made to mature for much longer.”

For Longridge’s winemaking team, each vintage encapsulates special memories – unique conditions, the grapes’ individual character, and of course, the climate and the soil. By capturing this inside each bottle of Longridge wine, every sip beautifully narrates Africa’s special story.

Good to know: Earlier this year, Jasper was nominated as one of five winemakers shortlisted for the Diners Club International Winemaker Awards 2020.