Investment solutions today for tomorrow’s long-term benefits

As we live in a climate emergency, the ability to freely discover, adapt, innovate and implement best thinking investment ideas determines long-term success.

At GraySwan, we believe that the ability to freely manage an investment portfolio without any constraints, seize new global opportunities and dynamically manage local and offshore equity and currency risks means having full flexibility.

“The GraySwan SCI Worldwide Fund aims to maximise long-term total returns by investing across a wide spectrum of asset classes in local and offshore markets. We can also now invest in the various global megatrends that we believe any investor should incorporate in their long-term investment thinking. In addition, remaining true to our Responsible Investment ethos, the GraySwan SCI Flexible Worldwide Fund will consider the environment, social and governance (ESG) factors within the investment process,” says Duncan Theron, GraySwan CEO.

The time to make smart long-term investment decisions that will improve how we live in the future is now. The newest edition to the GraySwan range of funds has taken flight on 9 May 2022. Whilst our other Funds are managed within the constraints of Regulations 28 of the Pension Fund Act, this fund is a true expression of our best ideas globally and our investment freedom with no limitations.

A number of megatrends are already shaping the future – these trends are normally a result of disruption causing long-term winners and losers: the move to digitisation, changing healthcare needs, shifting commodity demand patterns, climate change and transition to renewable energy are all global issues that will result in tangible investment opportunities and risks.

Our new fund will be investing in these megatrends to yield maximum long-term returns for investors. This is an extension of our offering to those investors who want to invest alongside our best-unconstrained views.

Find your freedom at www. grayswan.co.za.