Investing in the future: KWV launches SA’s most exclusive brandy

KWV celebrated its centennial year in 2018, and in honour of this milestone, KWV has also introduced an upgrade to its brandy range ringing in the next 100 years.

Cape Grace was the proud host of the first tasting of the KWV Centenary Limited Edition – a celebratory blend of the finest and oldest South African brandies. Those attending the event not only got to taste the signature Centenary but also enjoyed fine cuisine paired with KWV’s finest brandies. To celebrate their 100th year, KWV’s Master Blender created an extraordinary blend – a brandy that truly transcends time. Behind the award-winning KWV label, you will taste and experience a piece of South African history. It all began in 1918, two large pot stills were used to distil what has become known as KWV’s legendary 1926 vintage. Extraordinarily, some of this 92-year old vintage was added to the Centenary Limited Edition.

Nearly two decades later, KWV experienced a life-changing, but sadly catastrophic moment. In 1942, a fire devastated much of KWV’s Stellenbosch cellars, and only one brandy cask remained. Brandy from this exceptional cask has been added to craft this superb brandy. The rich golden amber, which has an average maturation period of no less than 37 years, has a unique flavour profile of honey, tawny port, vanilla and ground cinnamon. On taste, there are expressive notes of caramelised fruit, saffron, tobacco, chocolate and rancio. Ilse du Toit, Blending Manager at KWV, joined the celebrations and shared her passion for each of the 10, 12, 15 and 20-year old brandies with the audience.

The KWV Spirits team, Ilse du Toit (Manager Spirit Blending) and Pieter de Bod (Brandy Master).

Ilse has been with KWV for over 12 years. She has also been a judge at the International Wine and Spirits Competition for the last five years. When it comes to food and drink pairing, wine is an obvious go-to. Matching food with spirits such as brandy is rising in popularity. The key to a successful pairing is by balancing bouquet, tastes, and textures of both food and drink. Cape Grace’s Chef de Cuisine, Ryan Shell, masterfully achieved this. Guests were welcomed with a Barrel’s Kiss KWV 10-year-old brandy disguised in a thyme-infused cocktail.

A South African first

KWV CEO, Boyce Lloyd, has promised to continue to delight the consumer with bold and refreshing innovations that reflect the treasured brand value of KWV and continuing its 100-year-old trailblazing tradition. In its most recent display of innovation, KWV has now released SA’s most exclusive brandy: KWV The Centenary. This special blend includes its rarest and best brandies spanning the company and SA’s brandy-making history.

Guarded and entrusted by many generations of brandy masters, KWV The Centenary includes some of the very first brandy made by KWV back in 1926, along with brandy from the only barrel rescued from a fire that razed KWV’s historic cellars in 1942. The balance is completed with KWV’s rarest brandies, averaging 42 years of age.

Limited edition buyers’ package

Only 100 bottles of the extraordinary blend have been produced for release, and at R100,000 a bottle, KWV is hoping to invest in the future of brandy making. “Recognising the need for sustainable growth in the industry, KWV has committed to donate R20,000 per bottle sold to a bursary fund to invest in the future of brandy making,” says Nuno Fernandes, spirits marketing executive at KWV.

A proud pedigree

De Bod is decidedly proud of KWV’s The Centenary, the pinnacle of 100 years distilling “craftmanship, dedication, patience and trust”. Meticulously blended by KWV’s internationally acclaimed distilling team, it has the pedigree of the KWV stable, a company which enjoys global recognition for products of consistent quality. KWV carries titles for Brandy/Cognac Producer of the Year from the International Spirits Challenge and the Worldwide Best Brandy Producer Trophy from the International Wine and Spirit Competition – a strong foundation that makes a product as exclusive as KWV The Centenary a solid investment.

To order, contact KWV Emporium on +27 21 807 3007/8 or send an email to wineemporium@kwv.co.za.