Introducing My Castle In Spain

From the vibrant streets of Stellenbosch comes a four-piece like no other.


Delivering a diverse and on-trend sound blending together the best of pop and rock, My Castle In Spain have tongues wagging after some stellar launch performances. Adding a special South African spice to their already popular soundscape, they had jam-packed venues, including Aandklas and Aces ‘n Spades, on their feet and begging for more!


Their first official release, Christmas in the Morning, has quickly become a fan favorite. Stirring up familiar melancholy feelings this earworm also features the sultry sounds of Herman Kleinhans.


The video was shot by famed Cape Town filmmaker, Hugo Brand, and shows the trials and tribulations of a modern relationship as part of the global community we live in.



iTunes: https://goo.gl/H4cBEf

Google Play: https://goo.gl/zfayyr




The group was formerly known as The Young Folks. With the addition of a new member, their sound has evolved and come into its own.


” Our name was a bit leading as our sound isn’t exclusively “young” and not always very folky! It was time to move on into a new chapter, but we still bring with us the same energy and vibe that our fans love!”

– Charel Kleinhans, vocals/guitar


Together, Charel Kleinhans, Christo Kleinhans, Mark Ellis and Talita Beyl deliver a mature sound with a vibrant performance that transcends genres and age gaps.


Gig Guide:

26 October

House of Machines

Cape Town


2 November

First Thursday at Nomad Bar

Cape Town

Tickets: R50