Choosing the hands to treat you

There once was a time when, if you wanted to rejuvenate your skin, you were limited to lotions and potions or going under the knife. Now, however, thanks to incredible innovations in the aesthetic industry, you can opt for an array of non-invasive rejuvenating treatments and get such fantastic results, you might not ever feel the need for a surgical facelift.

At Skin Renewal, their highly skilled doctors have been administering injectable treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers for many years. Recently, however, they have started using a new technique called MD Codes™. Essentially a blueprint for a series of injection points based on a much deeper understanding of facial anatomy, the method was created by Dr Mauricio de Maio, one of the world’s pioneering plastic surgeons. What sets the technique apart is that it doesn’t just treat an immediate concern, but takes the patients entire face as well as how it’s likely to change in the future into account. Rather than merely smooth a wrinkle or restore volume, it’s holistic approach lays the foundation for a younger-looking face in the future, one that’s likely to require less treatment yet enjoy a better outcome.

Clearly, injectable treatments have come a long way, but Skin Renewal’s Dr Graham Duncombe has a word of caution, saying it’s vital that you choose the hands who treat you very carefully. “Knowing how to select and inject a medical product is only part of the safety process. Your injector must be fully trained in the anatomy and physiology of the treated area to inject safely and they must be capable of managing the adverse events and complications when they occur,” he says. “The key safety points to check in a potential injector include their medical training level and their proficiency in selecting medically approved products produced in sterile laboratories that are transported and stored correctly.”

More advice from Dr Duncombe? He says you should always check that the clinic has complete access to medical emergency equipment, medications and staff trained in team emergency response protocol. The odds of you having an adverse reaction are low, but it happens, you want to know your doctor is prepared. “This can make the difference between a successful outcome and a dangerous incident,” he says.

Ultimately, injectable treatments are most definitely the way forward regarding non-surgical rejuvenation, but your results will only ever be as good as the doctor administering them. So, choose wisely and enjoy putting your best face forward.