Four ways to survive (and thrive) this year

It seems like every year goes by faster than the last. We were still making plans to work on that summer body, and suddenly, boom! We’re in a brand-new decade. Before the year gets too crazy, now is a good time to set yourself up for an outstanding 2020. Here are four ways you can invest in your own well-being.

Spend more quality time with your loved ones

When personal issues arise, it can be tempting to bury yourself in your work. Somewhere among all the things you’re doing, you need to have fun. If you don’t make time for your personal life – your “me” time, including your family and your health – your professional life tends to suffer as well. Mealtime is a great opportunity to catch up and connect with loved ones. Why not make a day of it and take them for a Sunday roast this weekend?

Make exercise a must-do, not a should-do

It’s easy to cancel the gym, the evening run or the yoga class because a client wants something done yesterday. Instead, make sure that 2020 is the year exercise is given as much priority. A healthy body means a fresh mind, which means you will function better. The Cape Winelands is blessed with an abundance of incredible hiking, running and riding trails, which means you get to combine the emotional reward of exercise with the rejuvenating effects of being in nature. Start this weekend already and you will hit those fitness goals sooner than you think.

Find time for your finances

Whether you work for yourself or not, it’s important to feel confident about your finances. In order to do this, planning is critical, especially if you have loved ones who rely on you for financial support. Getting a trusted financial planner to help you with this will help give you peace of mind regarding your future (and your family’s).

Save the environment

Living a more environmental life is more than prudent – it’s essential for our future. Good thing there are people out there with great ideas to help push in the direction of living a greener life. Sustainability brings a great sense of purpose and helps us recognise that we are all part of something bigger. At home, think about moving towards solar energy, saving water and being smarter with your electricity usage, to contribute to the larger carbon-saving effort. When out and about, using sustainable transport can have a double benefit of exercise as well as the joy of living mindfully towards our planet.

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