Daniel Naudé – A Decade of Seeing on exhibit in London

A Decade of Seeing is a reflection on Daniel Naudé’s various bodies of work over the last ten years. A tightly curated show of just ten works, A Decade of Seeing, celebrates the artist’s visual journey from 2008 to date.

For a decade Naudé has practised capturing and perfecting moments of stillness in the natural realm. In his upcoming exhibition A Decade of Seeing he shows a critical selection of works from his projects Animal Farm (2007-2012), Sightings of the Sacred: Cattle in Uganda, Madagascar and India (2012-2014), Bowerbird’s Bowers from the rainforests of Australia (2014) and his latest project Cattle of the Ages – Ankole cattle in South Africa together with President Cyril Ramaphosa (2017).

A Decade of Seeing celebrates the artist’s visual journey from 2008 to date.

Naudé was born in 1984 in Cape Town, where he continues to live. He graduated with a BA Visual Arts Honours degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 2007.