Cape Winelands Marathon

The Cape Winelands calendar’s biggest running event is arguably the Sportsmans Warehouse Winelands Marathon on 9 November 2019, at Eikestad Primary School in Stellenbosch.

Runners can choose to run one of three races; a 42,2 km marathon for the runners that want to go all the way. A half marathon of 21,1 km and for those not up to longer distances and the younger ones there is also the 5 km Fun run. The marathon is an official Two Oceans ultra-marathon and Comrades qualifier with plenty of Western Province pace setters to help you reach your goal for both flagship races. Apart from promising a scenic route with ample refreshment stations and some dedicated spectator spots, there will be lots of fun activities with music and entertainment to help runners through the final kilometres of the race.

It is important to reduce the impact on the environment. So in that regard small but impactful changes to the water and refreshment stations have been made, i.e. every second water-station will be plastic free. At these stations there will be none of the water-sachets that litter the roads at races. Not only is this a breeze for the clean-up team but less waste to landfill and the organisers hope to educate runners around the issue of #RunClean. Runners are encouraged to support the #ICarryMyOwn campaign by bringing a refill bottle or collapsible cup to fill up at water-stations without sachets. There has been an outcry in the running community around the amount of plastic staying behind on races. The team is working closely with experts in this field and with the support of the Stellenbosch Municipality to ensure this is a huge success.

In their efforts to go greener, the organisers have pledged that:

  • Every second water station will have no plastic sachets
  • Medals will not be in plastic sachets
  • T-shirts will not be in plastic bags
  • Kohler boxes for rubbish along the route
  • Clean-up team that will clean immediately after the race
  • Where possible, all waste will be recycled

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